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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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1. India has recently donated how much amount to UN Peace Building Fund (PBF)?
2. Who has been appointed as the NIFT Chairperson?
3. ISSF stands for?
  • A. International Shooting Sports Federation
  • B. International Shooting Sports Foundation
  • C. Indian Shooting Sports Foundation
  • D. Indian Sports Shooting Force
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4. For strengthening the roads, which State Government signed an agreement with Asian Development Bank?
5. Which committee has been formed by the Maharashta Government for Padma Awards 2018?
  • A. Sudhir Mungantiwar committee
  • B. Vinod Tawde committee
  • C. Chandrakant Patil committee
  • D. Ram Shinde committee
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6. How many unmanned Guardian drones has approved by the US to sell in India?
7. What is the full form of NATGRID?
8. Who has been appointed as the full time Interim Director General (IDG) of the International Solar Alliance (ISA)?
9. The Union Government has launched VAJRA scheme to attract Indian scientists abroad. What does “VAJRA” stands for?
  • A. Visage Advanced Joint Research Faculty
  • B. Viral Advanced Joint Research Faculty
  • C. Viable Advanced Joint Research Faculty
  • D. Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty
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10. The world’s first ever data embassy will be established by which country?  

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