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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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31. From East to West, which one of the following sequence of cities of Canada is correct?
  • A. Quebec-Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto
  • B. Montreal-Quebec-Ottawa-Toronto
  • C. Quebec-Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa
  • D. Montreal-Quebec-Toronto- Ottawa
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32. The Baglihar Hydropower Project, very frequently in the news, is located on which one of the following rivers?
33. In which of the following cases were some of the leaders arrested in 1924 and tried for spreading communist ideas?
34. The basic regulatory authority for mutual funds and stock markets lies with the
35. From which date Utkarsh Micro Finance started operating its banking business as Utkarsh Small Finance Bank
36. Which of the following is the main constituent of biogas?
  • A. Methane and carbon dioxide
  • B. Methane and carbon monoxide
  • C. Hydrogen and carbon dioxide
  • D. Butene and carbon dioxide
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37. Which of the following is non-symbiotic biofertilizers?
38. The famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race, popularly known as Vallankali is held in
39. Achaeological Survey of India and ..........jointly launched in October 2013, a unique initiative to take India's heritage sites online.
40. Which of the following oceans has been founds to be the most polluted with plastic particles and mass?

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