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Basic Level Questions

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31. Which one of the following political theories advocates the 'Dictatorship of Proletariat'?
32. Often our computer system are said to be attacked by virus. What does VIRUS stand for?
  • A. Very important Resources Under Seige
  • B. Vital imports Reduced Under Seige
  • C. Vital Inputs Removed Under Seige
  • D. Vital Information Resources Under Seige
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33. DTAA is signed with the countries in order to provide relief to persons, while TIEA is signed to exchange information.
  • A. Targeted Information Exchange Agreement
  • B. Tax Information Exchange Agreement
  • C. Targeted Information Exchange Association
  • D. Tax Information Exchange Association
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34. Regarding the International Monetary Fund, which one of the following statements is correct?
  • A. It can grant loans to any country
  • B. It can grant loans to only developed countries
  • C. It can grants loans to only member countries
  • D. It can grant loans to the central bank of a country
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35. A table cloth can be pulled from a table without dislodging the dishes. It is because of
36. The practice of monoculture is not favoured in farming because
  • A. it leads to a glut in production
  • B. it causes a fall in prices of farm produce
  • C. it is susceptible to diseases
  • D. it is not suited for small holdings
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37. In the world, viticulture, horticulture, sericulture are well developed in the
38. Carbon dioxide is called a greenhouse gas because
  • A. its concentration remains always higher than other gases
  • B. it is used in photosynthesis
  • C. it absorbs infrared radiation
  • D. it emits visible radiation
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39. The Amazon basin remains a backward region because of its
40. Bamboo and pine trees are generally found in which one of the following types of climates?

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