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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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41. The United Nations General Assembly has declared the year 2015 as
  • A. International Year of Seas
  • B. International Year of Vegetables
  • C. International Year of Soil
  • D. International Year of Food
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42. Which among the following statements provides the best evidence that a river is flowing through a rift valley?
  • A. The Chambal Valley is marked by bad land topography
  • B. River Tapi does not have delta but estuary only
  • C. River Mahanadi flows through a gorge at Satkosia
  • D. River Colorado has the Grand Canyon along its valley
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43. A river is originating from the Tibet, moving towards East, after a reasonable distance it moves towards South and flows through a gorge then move towards West.Then again moves towards, South and finally drains into the Sea. What is the name of the river?
44. What is meant by 'Pietra dura'?
  • A. A fusion of Persian and Indian features
  • B. Construction of building with glazed tiles and marbles
  • C. Decorated ceiling with miniature paintings
  • D. Decorating walls with floral designs made up of semi-precious stones
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45. With which one of the following rivers does Chambal river merge?
46. The Portuguese Estado da India was called wholly "a piratical and parasitic state" because
  • A. it completely monopolised India's foreign trade
  • B. it grew rich by ruthless plunder of unarmed Asian ships
  • C. it considered piracy and plunder more profitable than trade
  • D. All of the Above
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47. The extensive coffee plantations in Brazil are called
48. Which one of the following does not represent the primitive gathering in the high latitudes?
49. What was Komagata Maru?
  • A. A political party based in Taiwan
  • B. Peasant communist leader of China
  • C. A navel ship on voyage to Canada
  • D. A Chinese village where Mao Tre Lung began his long march
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50. Who among the following played a prominent role during the 'Reign of Terror' in France?

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