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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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11. Which one of the following chemicals is used to fuse plant protoplasts in genetic engineering?
12. India, by becoming a full-fledged member of the Financial Action Task Force
  • A. will be able to access information on suspect accounts in nations such as Switzerland and UK
  • B. will play an important role in law enforcement matters.investigations or prosecutions of terrorist activities at an internation
  • C. has also become a member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • D. All of the above
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13. The notion of saptanga that was introduced in Arthashastra include
  • A. kings,territory,administration and treasury
  • B. music,dance,ragas and wrestling
  • C. ministers,civil servants, subalterns and those involved in espionage
  • D. aristocrats, acharyas, traders and monks
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14. Rustom-2 is a
15. Which Among the following statements is true about the HRIDAY scheme?
  • A. It is a scheme for conserving and preserving the heritage characters of 12 cities
  • B. It is a scheme for conserving the ancient medicines of India
  • C. It is a scheme for conserving the wetlands
  • D. It is a scheme for rehabiliation of tribal people
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16. Which one among the following is a function of the Pro-Tem Speaker of the Lok Sabha?
  • A. conduct of the proceedings of the house in the absence of the Speaker
  • B. To check if the election certificates of the members of the house are in order
  • C. Swear in themembers of the house and hold the charge till a regular Speaker is elected
  • D. Give his assent to the bills passed by the house
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17. What is the reason for India being a major producer of different varieties of fruits and vegetables?
  • A. Its large population size
  • B. Its large land area
  • C. Variation in its agro-climatic conditions
  • D. Diversity in socio-cultural phenomenon
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18. The rainfall distribution pattern over the Ganga basin decreases from the
  • A. West to East and North to South
  • B. East to West and North to South
  • C. West to East and South to North
  • D. East to West and South to North
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19. According to Karl Marx, attainment of communism is possible only after
  • A. resolution of tension between the leaders
  • B. completion of permanent revolution
  • C. emergence of exploitation-free society
  • D. disappearance of difference between urban and rural areas
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20. Which one among the following statements with regard to the National Security Council (NSC) of India is not correct?
  • A. It is three-tiered organisation
  • B. The Deputy chairman of the Planning Commission is its member
  • C. It is the apex body looking exclusively the security concerns of the country
  • D. RAW and Intelligence Bureau (India) report to NSC
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