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General Knowledge on Famous Personalities

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51.  With which Indian city would you find the mosque "Shaking Minarets"?
52. Which monument was built in memory of a British monarch?
53. What was it renamed as after India achieved independence? the Ochterlony Monument was built in 1848 by Sir David Ochterlony to commemorate his victory in the Nepal War (1814 � 1816). 
54. Which of the following has not been seriously suggested as being the true author of Shakespeare's works?
55. Shakespeare's tragedies which is not one ?
56. Shakespeare's comedies which is not one ?
57. How old was he when he died Shakespeare lived to a ripe old age - for his time?
58. In which lines Shakespeare are not found ?
  • A. When you speak of this - and you will - be kind
  • B. Out, out, brief candle
  • C. To sleep, perchance to dream
  • D. Neither a borrower nor a lender be
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59. With which position was Dr. Kalam sworn in on 25 July, 2002?
  • A. President of India
  • B. Secretary-General of the Commonwealth
  • C. Election-Commissioner of India
  • D. Prime Minister of India
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60. What is the full name of Dr. Kalam's?

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