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General Knowledge on Famous Personalities

(Click on suggested Options to select the answer | Color Red means : Wrong & Green Means: Correct)
61. The highest honour that an Indian citizen can receive with what honour has Dr. Kalam been decorated?
62. What the name of this Indian Tennis player who has turned Hollywood filmmaker?
63. With which sports Rudra Pratap Singh is associated?
64. Which sport is related to Anand Amritraaj?
65. Which sport is related to Vijay Amritraaj?   
66. Which sport is related to Mahesh Bhupati?   
67. Which sport related to Leander Paes? 
68. Which form of dance Sonal Mansingh is famous?
69. Which form of dance Bala Saraswati is famous? 
70. Which was wirtten A Passion For Dance? 

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