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General Knowledge on Chemistry

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51. In modern days, which one of the following chemical compounds is used for the hair setting in beauty parlour/salon?
52. The highest temperature can be achieved in which type of furnace?
53. The quality of diesel oil for use in diesel engines is determined by the
54. The pH of the solution obtained by dissolving pure sodium chloride in water is
55. What type of mixture is smoke ?
  • A. Solid mixed with a gas
  • B. Gas mixed with a gas
  • C. Liquid mixed with a gas
  • D. Gas mixed with a liquid and a solid
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56. Shallow lake with rich organic products are called
57. Which one of the following petroleum refinery products has the lowest boiling point ?
58. Which one of the following is used as an anti-freeezer, which effectively depresses the freezing point of water in an automobile?
59. Which of the following proteins has structural as well as enzymatic property?
60. The pH of fresh groundwater slightly decreases upon exposure to air because
  • A. carbon dioxide from air is dissolved in the water
  • B. oxygen from air is dissolved in the water
  • C. the dissolved carbon dioxide of the groundwater escapes into air
  • D. the dissolved oxygen of the groundwater escapes into air
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