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General Knowledge on Chemistry

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1. Which among the following fertilizers is least likely to affect the Soil pH?  
2. Amalgam is a mixture of?
  • A. Any Non-Metal and Lead
  • B. Any Metal and Mercury
  • C. Any Non-Metal and Chlorine
  • D. Any Metal and Fluorine
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3. Which one among the following  process is not a part of a chemical weathering?
4. The latest discoverd state of matter is?
5. Which of the following element is found in organic compounds?
6. DDT is a?
7. Addition of gypsum to cement?
  • A. shining surface is formed
  • B. increases setting time of cement
  • C. reduces setting time of cement
  • D. produces very light colour cement
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8. In Egypt, ancient mummies can be found to have their arteries, intact due to well preserved?
9. Ammonia (NH3) obtained from different sources always has same proportion of hydrogen and nitrogen. It proves the validity of law of?
10. The setting of Plaster of Paris (POP) is?
  • A. Combination with atmospheric
  • B. Hydration leading to another hydrate
  • C. Dehydration
  • D. Oxidation with Atmospheric oxygen
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