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Current Affairs on Technology

Current affairs on 21 February 2017

First Time Indian genomics beacon launched in UK
  1. The first ever beacon for Indian genomics data ggcINDIA is lancuhed by the Global Gene Corp and Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. This is a online web service that allows researchers to determine whether an institution has particular genomic data in its data set or not.
  2. However the main aim of the beacon is to address the gap in shared Indian genomics data which helps scientists better understand disease
Scientists discovered a stretchable rubber - Thubber
  1. Scientists from Carnegie Mellon have developed new material, nicknamed “thubber,” which is an electrically insulating composite that exhibits an unprecedented combination of metal-like thermal conductivity.
  2. It is a thermally conductive rubber material that represents a breakthrough for creating soft, stretchable machines and electronics.
Vetiver Network launched at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  1. India Vetiver Network (INVN) has been launched at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, which is a not-for-profit scientific network to promote vetiver in India.
  2. The mission of INVN is environmental protection using vetiver which has worldwide application to tackle many environmental issues like soil erosion, mitigation of soil and water pollution.

Current affairs on 16 February 2017

IAF inducts indigenous warning system - Netra
  1. The IAF has formally inducted the first indigenously built Airborne Early Warning and Control System ‘Netra’. DRDO - Center of Airborne Systems (Bengaluru) handed over the first indigenous Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) to the Indian Air Force (IAF) on 14 February 2017.
  2. AWACS project developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation costs a total of Rs 2,400 crore and is capable of detecting in-coming drones, cruise missiles and fighter jets from countries like China and Pakistan.
  3. These airborne warning systems, capable of long range surveillance, are huge force multipliers.
  4. AWACS are radars mounted on an aircraft to provide seamless 360-degree coverage of the airspace. Built on an Embraer 145 platform, it can track over 500 targets simultaneously. It acts as a Command base in support for all Air-Defence operations.


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Current affairs on 14 February 2017

Defence Vehicle Interceptor Missile
  1. DRDO successful test fired of the Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) Interceptor Missile and thus now made India to join a select group of nations having such an effective Ballistic Missile Defence System.
  2. This is a significant milestone in boosting India’s defence capabilities and will provide enhanced security against ballistic missile threats.
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Japanese researchers have successfully gone past 5G data speeds
  1. Japanese researchers have successfully gone past 5G data speeds to reach speeds that are 10 times faster than 5G Terahertz (THz) Data Transmission.
  2. A research group of from Hiroshima University has developed a transmitter that achieves 105 gigabits per second throughput between 290 GHz to 315 GHz frequency range. This speed is almost 10 times the speed achieved for the 5G data speed.

Current affairs on 10 February 2017

ISRO develop TTCP for Spacecraft
  1. ISRO has indigenously developed Telemetry and Telecommand processor for communication TTCP that was developed by Isro Satellite Centre (Isac) in Bengaluru.
  2. The TTCP will be first used on the GSAT-19, which will be launched on the first development flight of the indigenously developed GSLV-Mk III-D1.
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Arunachal Pradesh to implement e-Cabinet solution
  1. Arunachal Pradesh on 7 February 2017 became the first state in the northeast to implement e-Cabinet solution for the state cabinet members and therefore the average length of the cabinet meetings will go down from 4-5 hours to just 30-90 minutes
  2. e-Cabinet system is a web-based software system and is implemented by the Department of Information Technology and Communication.
  3. Using it the cabinet members can access the cabinet notes before the meeting. The entire business of the Cabinet can be conducted using the e-Cabinet solution.

Current affairs on 07 February 2017

World’s smallest pacemaker invented
  1. Scientists for the first time have successfully implanted world’s smallest pacemaker dubbed as Micra Transcatheter Pacing System in a patient in USA
  2. The pacemaker about size of large vitamin capsule is for patients with bradycardia.
  3. It is 1/10 the size of a traditional pacemaker and is the only leadless pacemaker approved for use in USA.It also has the feature to be turned off permanently
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Current affairs on 02 February 2017

Atomic clocks of Satellite IRNSS-1A Develops Technical Snag
  1. The atomic clocks on the first satellite IRNSS-1A of the NAVIC, an indigenously built satellite system has developed technical complications.
  2. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman, A.S. Kiran Kumar informed that one of the three crucial rubidium clock on IRNSS-1A spacecraft failed six months ago while the other two failed subsequently.


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Posted on: 02nd February 2017 Read complete Article →
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