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Current Affairs 2015

01 January 2016 Current Affairs

Indian Cricket player R. Ashwin has been declared No.1 Bowler on 31 December 2015. After how many years any Indian has ranked No.1 bowler in ICC Ranking list?: 42 Years Explanation: R. Ashwin was declared as No.1 cricket bowler by ICC. Ravichandran Ashwin was born on September 17, 1986, Madras (now Chennai), Tamil Nadu. Ravichandran Ashwin made his debut in test......
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11 December 2015 Current Affairs

India and Pakistan on 9 December 2015 agreed to replace which point Dialogue Process (CDP) with 10-point Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue (CBD)?: 8-point Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue Explanation: Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue was started way back in May 1997, when the then Indian Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif mooted the......
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Children Are Born With Natural Curiosity!!!

Children Are Born With Natural Curiosity. What happened? Helen Keller stated: “One of the first tasks in motivating students to learn is to arouse their curiosity and sustain the interest through time.”  Who could possibly know better?  If a youngster stops asking why, they will cease to grow in their understanding of life.  They become defiant and......
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10 December 2015 Current Affairs

Which professor of the Indian Institute of Science has bagged the 2015 Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) prize, which carries a cash prize of $15,000, in the engineering category on 9 December 2015?: Pofessor U Ramamurty Explanation: He Massachusetts Institute of Technology and came to India to explore more potential. Thus won the prestigious 2015 Third World Academy of......
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A beautiful way to understand : LIFE - by Sundar Pichai CEO Google

Here's Sundar Pichai's 'Cockroach Theory' That Will Teach You A Thing Or Two About Life Sundar Pichai continues to make global news after becoming Google’s CEO. Stories about his past, schooling and college days are viral. Well at least in India they are. Here’s another story, or rather a speech by Sundar Pichai, that is being massively shared for the past....
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Appreciation matters: Always has, always will

Appreciation matters: Always has, always will. Saturday evening again, my 16 year old son returns home late around 10 pm. May be that’s not so alarming, yet, he had been away the whole day. Normally, wherever he was, he would be home for a snack in the evening but of late he had stopped doing that. It was his summer break going on. I was not aware of the latest development......
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8 December 2015 Current Affairs

What is the reason that troops from the Russian Army and the Indian Army together conducted a cordon and search operation at the Mahajan Ranges near Bikaner in Rajasthan that was concluded on 6 December 2015?: A mock setting of counter terrorists operations under a UN mandate Explanation: The 14 day long Indra war games are meant to demonstrate the tactics and drills of a......
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4 December 2015 Current Affairs

In a historic step, which court  on 3 December 2015 allowed employment of women for musical orchestra in bars and liquor-serving restaurants in the state?: Orissa High Court Explanation: The decision was made in the state on condition that the bar and restaurant owners follow the provisions of the Bihar and Orissa Excise Act of 1915 and the 2013-Supreme Court guidelines...
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2 December 2015 Current Affairs

First of its kind on-demand which kind of taxi service was launched in Gurgaon city from 1 November 2015?: Two-wheeler taxi service Explanation: M-taxi launched on-demand two-wheeler taxi service in Gurgaon. M-Taxi had acquired permit for the service from the Haryana government to start its operations. This type of service already exists in countries like...
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1 December 2015 Current Affairs

Which University has been selected for the prestigious Chancellor's award for the year 2014-15.?: Kerala University Explanation: The Vice Chancellors conference held in October last year at the Cochin University of Science and Technology had decided to institute 'Chancellor's award 2014-15 to the best University to nurture the spirit of healthy competition among the.....
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