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Tehri Dam: Current Affairs, GK, Study Material

Read Current affairs on Tehri Dam. Get the latest news and current events on Tehri Dam. On this page readers may also find the best and latest Current Affair articles on to get the in depth knowledge on the topic. The articles written for Tehri Dam and current affairs questions on Tehri Dam on Time2study is best study material for those readers who are seeking or applying for the government jobs through exams. The Tehri Dam Current articles is made by considering (How, why, who, where, when, what) and the entire back ground on the topic including General knowledge questions.

Which of the following State/States will be benefitted by the proposed 'Kishau Dam' Project ?

A. Haryana B. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh C. Jammu and Kashmir  D. Assam
Posted On:21st July 2016 Read More →

The river Sutlej, on which the Bhakra Dam has been built, originates from

A. a spring in Vering B. near Bara Lacha Pass in Lahul C. Rakas lake in Tibet D. Mansarovar lake
Posted On:16th January 2015 Read More →

Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

A. Seikan Rail Tunnel : China B. Petronas Towers : Malaysia  C. Appalachian Trail : USA D. Rogum Dam : Tajikistan
Posted On:30th January 2017 Read More →

Wular Lake of Kashmir is a?

A. Lake formed by Terminal Morainic Dam B. Lake formed by Deposition of Slit C. Ox-Bow Lake D. Lake form by Blocking of ice
Posted On:23rd May 2017 Read More →

Which river in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is located on the Uri Dam ?

A. Padma River B. Jhelum River C. Gumti River D. Manu River
Posted On:15th January 2018 Read More →

 In which state is located the Basava Sagar Dam?

A. Karnataka B. Himachal Pradesh C. Madhya Pradesh D. Nagaland
Posted On:16th January 2018 Read More →

Which river in Himachal Pradesh the Pandoh Dam is on located?

A. Rushikulya B. Sutlej C. Jhelum D. Beas River
Posted On:15th January 2018 Read More →

In which state/UT is located the Chamera Dam?

A. Himachal Pradesh B. Jharkhand C. Andaman and Nicobar Islands D. Manipur
Posted On:16th January 2018 Read More →

In which state is located the Jawai Dam, which is built across Luni river?

A. Himachal Pradesh B. Jharkhand C. Rajasthan D. Goa
Posted On:27th January 2018 Read More →

 In which of the following states is located jawai dam, which is built across luni river?

A. Assam B. Bihar C. Karnataka D. Rajasthan
Posted On:24th February 2018 Read More →
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