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Current Affairs, Banking and Financial awareness quiz 22 June 2015 - 28 June 2015

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1. In year 2015, in which month the time will be stopped for 1 second to accommodate the timekeeping differences between the atomic and solar time?
  • A. 30 September 2015
  • B. 31 August 2015
  • C. 30 June 2015
  • D. 31 July 2015
2. What is the name of the phase which emerge when communication with the satellite is snapped, as when the sun block the planet from the Earth?
  • A. Blackhole
  • B. Loophole Phase
  • C. Blackout phase
  • D. Blank phase
3. Which IT Giant has launched Sway in October 2014 as a way to easily publish full webpage stories for whatever is on our mind?
  • A. Lenovo
  • B. IBM
  • C. Google
  • D. Microsoft
4. What is the name of the world’s largest cruise ship that made its maiden entry into water in France on 19 June 2015?
  • A. Harmony of the Seas
  • B. Allure of the Seas
  • C. Oasis of the Seas
  • D. Omanga of the Seas
5. The United Nation has recognized the world Yoga day on which date?
  • A. 21 February
  • B. 21 August
  • C. 21 June
  • D. 21 January
6. Which UK-based philanthropist has been chosen for the VK Krishna Menon award in recognition of his outstanding professional and altruistic achievements, contributions and services to the community and wider multicultural society?
  • A. Sir Tom Hunter
  • B. Christopher Hohn
  • C. Benni Joseph Mavelil
  • D. Michael Moritz
7. Which spiritual leader was conferred with the Columbia’s highest civilian award Orden de la Democracia Simon Bolivar en el grado de cruz Caballero (Order of the Democracy Simon Bolivar) by Columbia?
  • A. Dalai Lama
  • B. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • C. Pope Francis
  • D. Paulo Coelho
8. Which word on 25 June 2015 made its place in Oxford Dictionary and became one of the 500 words added this year?
  • A. twiting
  • B. Twerk
  • C. twilight
  • D. twinkle
9. What is name of the fund which was passed in Delhi Finance budget in 2015 created to execute projects selected through mohalla sabhas held in 11 constituencies under the participatory budgeting exercise in April?
  • A. Swaran Nidhi
  • B. Swaraj Nidhi Budget
  • C. Swaraj Budget
  • D. Swaraj Nidhi
10. In a major decision on 25 June 2015, which entity can now borrow from international institution without having RBI Approval?
  • A. Indian Bank
  • B. Indian Ecommrece
  • C. NBFCs
  • D. Indian Companies
11. On 21 June 2015, India's first diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU) train service with an air-conditioned coach is flagged off in which city?
  • A. Delhi
  • B. Vajaywara
  • C. Kochi
  • D. Mumbai
12. Which E-Commerce giant has launched an Internet bank on 25 June 2015 aimed at serving small businesses which often struggle to obtain credit from large banks in China?
  • A. Taobao
  • B. AliBaba
  • C. Alipay
  • D. Rakuten
13. What is the name of the tiny island which has population of nearly 70,000 that take India to International court for not pursuing nuclear disarmament?
  • A. Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda)
  • B. Marshall Island
  • C. Lana’i (Hawaii, USA)
  • D. Grand Manan Island (New Brunswick, Canada)
14. Which company in India has bought world's most sophisticated armored Mercedes to protect chairman and managing director on 20 June 2015?
  • A. Reliance Industries
  • B. TATA group of Companies
  • C. Vedanata Grop
  • D. SUN Group
15. Which state in America was 1st to legalize the same sex marriage?
  • A. Pheonix
  • B. Massachusetts
  • C. Los Angeles
  • D. Chicago
16. Union Cabinet on 24 June 2015 clears proposal to set up national memorial in memory of socialist leader Jai Prakash Narayan at which state in India?
  • A. West Bengal
  • B. Uttar Pradesh
  • C. Bihar
  • D. Delhi
17. Which country has decided in June 2015 that it will start converting 62 military base camp into nature reserves?
  • A. Britain
  • B. United States
  • C. China
  • D. Germany
18. On 23 June 2015, Japan lifts 67-year ban on dancing after what time?
  • A. Afternoon
  • B. Midnight
  • C. Late Evening
  • D. Early Morning
19. Under the affordable housing scheme, government has made a mandatory provision of making which family member be sole or co-owner of flats along with the beneficiary?
  • A. Mother or Sister
  • B. Sister or sister in law
  • C. Wife or Sister
  • D. Mother or Wife
20. After 53 years, China on 22 June 2015 opened a new, safer and more convenient route for Indians undertaking the arduous Kailash-Manasarovar Yatra as the first batch of pilgrims crossed the Indian border and entered Tibet via which pass?
  • A. Lipulekh Pass
  • B. Karakoram pass
  • C. Nathula Pass
  • D. Lohleh Pass

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