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Current Affairs, Banking and Financial awareness quiz 18 August 2015 - 24 August 2015

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1. Which country had became the fourth country after Russia, Great Britain and China to have a hotline (direct secure line of communication) with the US President?
  • A. India
  • B. Japan
  • C. Australia
  • D. Canada
2. Which country was removed from the list of countries put under the restricted visa category or the prior referral category (PRC) of countries by India on 19 August 2015?
  • A. Pakistan
  • B. Iraq
  • C. Iran
  • D. Myanmar
3. Rajiv Gandhi Illuminating Scheme for Hill Town Advancement (RISHTA) Scheme is launched by which state?
  • A. Himachal Pradesh
  • B. Karnataka
  • C. Anurachal Pradesh
  • D. Kerala
4. Aikido, three enhanced service offerings in design thinking, platforms and knowledge-based IT (KBIT) is launched by which company?
  • A. Microsoft
  • B. Infosys
  • C. Google
  • D. IBM
5. Which country became the first country to receive funds from UN for Solar Home Systems on 20 August 2015?
  • A. United States
  • B. Bangladesh
  • C. Great Britain
  • D. Australia
6. Researchers have developed a paper-based device that changes colour device to detect which kind of Disease within minutes in remote, low-resource settings?
  • A. Ebola
  • B. Yellow fever
  • C. Dengue
  • D. All Above
7. what is the name of two women who on 20 August 2015 registered in the first time in history of the country to vote in national elections in Saudi Arabia?
  • A. Mahjreen-Ul-Zakaria and Usma-al-hayat
  • B. Begum-shah-muhrabai and Safinaz huna Al-Shamat
  • C. Jamal Al-Husna and Safinaz Abu Al-Shamat
  • D. Jamal Al-Saadi and Safinaz Abu Al-Shamat
8. vidyalakshmi.co.in website is launched for what purpose?
  • A. Admission
  • B. Educational
  • C. Student Education loan
  • D. Educational fee submission
9. On the day of World Tourism Day Madhya Pradesh had re-launched which operation service in its state?
  • A. Air taxi service operation
  • B. Rail taxi service operation
  • C. Road taxi service operation
  • D. Boat taxi service operation
10. What is the name of the first Indian women football goal keeper player who is selected to play in English league football?
  • A. Srini kumari
  • B. Anjana Saikia
  • C. Aditi Chauhan
  • D. Elangbam Panthoi Chanu
11. Which airport becomes the first airport in India to run on solar power on 19 August 2015?
  • A. Mumbai Airport
  • B. Delhi Airport
  • C. Cochin Airport
  • D. Kolkata Airport
12. A NASA spacecraft identified for the first time that the Moon's thin atmosphere contains which gas commonly used in electric signs on Earth because of its intense glow?
  • A. Nitrogen Gas
  • B. Helium Gas
  • C. Neon Gas
  • D. Hydrogen Gas
13. Which state government became the first state has made Sanskrit as a Mandatory subject in their educational curriculum?
  • A. Himachal Government
  • B. Uttar Pradesh Government
  • C. Bihar Government
  • D. Madhya Pradesh Government
14. According to latest data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2014, which type of violence/riot is deadlier than communal riot?
  • A. Sovereignty Riot
  • B. Political Riot
  • C. Race Riot
  • D. Student Riot
15. Google on 17 August 2015 announced the next major update Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the which kind of Android application?
  • A. Android operating system
  • B. Android mobile operating system
16. Which country's under-16 team on 18 August 2015 won their first-ever South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) under-16 title?
  • A. India
  • B. Bangladesh
  • C. Sri Lanka
  • D. Afganistan
17. On 18 August 2015 which bank has launched the first of its kind fully automated digital locker - Smart Vault?
  • A. ICICI Bank
  • B. HDFC Bank
  • C. SBI
  • D. Punjab National Bank
18. What is the name of the m-wallet (mobile wallet) application that was launched by the State Bank of India (SBI) on 18 August 2015?
  • A. SBI Digital M-Wallet
  • B. SBI Buddy
  • C. SBI Key wallet
  • D. SBI Mobile Buddy
19. Grama Jyothi Scheme which is aimed at comprehensive development of rural areas allowing planning and execution of works by villages themselves is launched by which state government?
  • A. Uttar Pradesh Government
  • B. Maharashtra Government
  • C. Telangana Government
  • D. Bihar Government
20. Which India’s most popular scooter SKU became country’s first ever scooter brand to cross sale figure of 1 crore units in July 2015?
  • A. Bajaj
  • B. Vespa
  • C. Scooty Pep
  • D. Honda Activa

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