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Current Affairs, Banking and Financial awareness quiz 10 August 2015 - 17 August 2015

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1. Which World famous monument has become the first historical monument to have an official handle on micro-blogging site Twitter on 15 August 2015?
  • A. Great Wall of China
  • B. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • C. Taj Mahal
  • D. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
2. Who discovered how an animal's biological clock wakes it up in the morning and puts it to sleep at night?
  • A. Doctor Ravi Allada
  • B. Doctor Shivam Allada
  • C. Doctor Piyush Sharma
  • D. Doctor Ravi Mathur
3. What is Interest Subvention Scheme announced by Reserve Bank of India?
  • A. To provide interest concession of 5 percent on short term crop loans of up to 3 lakh rupees
  • B. To provide interest concession of 2 percent on short term crop loans of up to 3 lakh rupees
  • C. To provide interest concession of 2 percent on short term crop loans of up to 10 lakh rupees
  • D. To provide interest concession of 10 percent on short term crop loans of up to 1 lakh rupees
4. “Indradhanush” is the name of the strategy created for comprehensive revamp of which entity in India?
  • A. Khadi gramm Udyog
  • B. Public sector banks
  • C. Sugar Cane Industries
  • D. Indian Railways
5. “Start-up India, Stand up India” new campaign launched to counter the issue for promoting banks to finance which kind of business and offer incentives to boost entrepreneurship and job creation?
  • A. Dying Business
  • B. Start-ups Business
  • C. Cash Crunched Business
  • D. Companies looking to start offshore offices
6. The seven-decade old Agriculture Ministry will be renamed to what on the eve of 69th Independence Day i.e 15 August 2015
  • A. Bhartiya Kisan and fasal Welfare Ministry
  • B. ‘Agriculture and Farmers' Ministry
  • C. ‘Agriculture" Welfare Ministry
  • D. ‘Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare Ministry
7. Which subsidy scheme has been recorded as the largest cash transfer programme in the world on 13 August 2015 and recorded in Guinness Book of World Records?
  • A. Conditional Cash Transfer Program in the Philippines
  • B. Cash and Food Transfers
  • C. Direct Benefit Transfer on LPG
8. The Reserve Bank of India on 13 August 2015 paid a dividend of nearly how much amount to the government, the highest ever from the central bank in its 80-year history and 25 percent more than year 2014?
  • A. Rs.55000 Crore
  • B. Rs.60000 Crore
  • C. Rs.66000 Crore
  • D. Rs.50000 Crore
9. The first Indian city to be a member of Beijing headquartered World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) Council and join its league of leading tourism cities across the world?
  • A. Kochi
  • B. Varanasi
  • C. Chennai
  • D. Puri
10. “Digital Saksharta Abhiyan” initiated by the Govt. of India in which year to promote digital literacy across the country?
  • A. March 2000
  • B. June 2012
  • C. September 2010
  • D. August 2014
11. School Nursery Yojana is launched under which objective on 10 August 2015?
  • A. Encourage students to learn more on plants
  • B. Encourage students to plant more tress
  • C. Bring Students and nature closer
12. 'Santhara' or 'Sullekhana' practice is performed in which community was declared as illegal by Rajasthan Court on 10 August 2015?
  • A. Arya Samaj Community
  • B. Sikh Community
  • C. Jain Community
  • D. Buddha Community
13. What is 'Shabad Wapsi' Campaign?
  • A. Campaign started by Bihar CM against the remarks of DNA
  • B. Campaign started by Congress against the remarks of DNA
  • C. Campaign started by Bihar CM for Bihar election
  • D. Campaign started by All political parties against the remarks of BJP
14. Jeevan Suraksha Gift cheques is made in how much money?
  • A. Rs.551
  • B. Rs.151
  • C. Rs.251
  • D. Rs.351
15. Mettur Dam is situated in which state which was opened for delta irrigation for the 82nd year to benefit 12 lakh acres on 10 August 2015?
  • A. Andhra Pradesh
  • B. Karnataka
  • C. Kerala
  • D. Tamil Nadu
16. Alphabet is the name of new holding company created by which major giant company?
  • A. Google
  • B. Microsoft
  • C. DELL
  • D. Facebook
17. What is the new brand name of Groupon in India?
  • A. DealBuy
  • B. Bestdealbuy
  • C. NearBuy
  • D. Bestbuy
18. NISAR mission is a dual frequency (L&S Band) Radar Imaging Satellite is being co-developed by which two space agency?
  • B. DLR and ISA
  • C. ISRO and NASA
  • D. UK Space Agency and Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
19. Which country had made a record of 7th successive win in CONCACAF Gold Cup on 2 August 2015?
  • A. Maxican
  • B. Urugay
  • C. England
  • D. France
20. Since 1882 including 2015 Ashes series, how many matches England had won against Australia in Ashes Series?
  • A. 63 matches
  • B. 72 matches
  • C. 45 matches
  • D. 25 matches

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