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General Knowledge on Physics

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1. What is the life span of GSAT-17?
2. Metal used to make wires for safety fuses must have?
  • A. Low Resistivity and Low Melting Point
  • B. High Resistivity and High Melting Point
  • C. Very Low Resistivity and High Melting Point
  • D. High Resistivity and Low Melting Point
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3. The phenomenon of 'Total Internal Reflection' is observed in which one of the following?
4. In the phenomenon of dispersion of light, the light wave of shortest wavelength is?
  • A. Slowed down and refracted the least
  • B. Accelerated an refracted the least
  • C. slowed down and refracted the most
  • D. Accelerated and refracted the most
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5. The upper and lower portions in common type of bi-focal lenses are respectively?
  • A. Both concave of different focal length
  • B. Both convex of ifferent focal length
  • C. Concave and Convex
  • D. Convex and Concave
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6. In an satellite a spacetraveller tries to fill ink in a pen by dopping it in ink. The amount of the link filled in the pen as compared to the quantity of ink filled on the earth's surface will be
7. Two identical piano wires have same fundamental frequency when kept under the same tension. What will happen if tension of one of he wires id slightly increased and both the wires are made to vibrate simultaneously?
8. The photoelectric effect is described as the ejection of electrons from the surface of a metal when
  • A. it is heated
  • B. it is placed in strong electric field
  • C. electrons of suitable velocity impinge on it
  • D. light of suitable wavelength falls on it
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9. A beautiful rainbow on the sky is due to the
  • A. dispersion of sunlight from a water droplet only
  • B. reflection of sunlight from a water droplet only
  • C. reflection and refraction sunlight from a water droplet only
  • D. refraction,dispersion and reflection of sunlight from a water droplet
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10. Which one of the following materials will have maximum sound velocity?

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