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General Knowledge on Mythological

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1. "Atman is everything and everything is Atman" is the ...................... Doctrine?
2. Which one among the following is not true with regard to Rigveda Samhita?
  • A. There are about 300 non-Indo-European worlds in Rigveda
  • B. There is a reference to dasarajna (battle of ten kings) in the Rigveda
  • C. It is mentioned in the Rigveda that the Bharata chief Sudas fought against a confederacy of ten tribes
  • D. Purus sided with the Bharata in the battle of ten kings
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3. Which one of the following sequences indicates the correct chronological order?
  • A. Shankaracharya,Ramanuja, Chaitanya
  • B. Ramanuja,Shankaracharya,Chaitanya
  • C. Ramanuja,Chaitanya,Shankaracharya
  • D. Shankaracharya,Chaitanya,Ramanuja
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4. What was Ziyarat in the language of the Sufis?
  • A. Pilgrimage to the tombs of Sufi Saints for seeking barkat (spiritual grace)
  • B. Reciting divine name
  • C. Offering free kitchens run on futuh (unasked for charity)
  • D. Setting up of auqaf (charitable trusts)
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5. Buddha and Mahavira died during the reign of
6. In Buddhism, what does patimokkha stand for?
  • A. A description of Mahayana Buddhism
  • B. A description of Hinayana Buddhism
  • C. The rules of Sangha
  • D. The question of King Menander
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7. The saga who is said to have Aryanisad South India was
8. Borobudur is the site of
  • A. a huge temple of Vishnu and Shiva in Java, built in the 12th Century AD
  • B. an enormous Stupa in Java,built in the 8th Century AD
  • C. a magnificent palace of a Chola King in Tamil Nadu
  • D. a Jain Monastery in Gujarat
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9. The 9th mandala of the Rigveda Samhita is devited wholly to
  • A. Urvashi and the heaven
  • B. 'soma' and the God , who is named after the drink
  • C. Indra and his elephant
  • D. Gods related to plants and drugs
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10. Which of the following statement about Nayanars (worshippers of Vishnu) and Alvars (worshippers of Shiva) of South India is not correct?
  • A. They believed in austerities
  • B. They looked upon religion as a living bond based on the love between the God and the worshipper
  • C. They spoke and wrote the language which everyone could unerstand
  • D. They disregarded the inequalities of caste
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