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General Knowledge on General Science

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51. The Indo Thailand HADR “Siam Bharat 17” has held in which city?
52. When a  ripe fruit is kept with unripe fruits, then latter ripen due to release of?
  • A. Ethylene by the ripe fruit
  • B. Ethylene by the unripe fruits
  • C. Auxin by the ripe fruit
  • D. Cytokinin by the ripe fruit
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53. The contrast in economic development between Israel and the other South-West Asian Countries is due to
  • A. Irrigational facilities available in Israel
  • B. Application of high technology in Israel
  • C. Desertic conditions of other countries
  • D. Mineral wealth of Israel
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54. Which one of the following was not one of the distinguishing features of Indo-Islamic architecture?
  • A. Corbeling of the towers of two temples
  • B. Decorative motifs like Swastika, Crocodile heads, flying apsaras etc.
  • C. Flat roof
  • D. topping of the arch with lintel
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55. The centre state financial distribution takes place on the recommendation by the
56. Lotteries organised by the Government of a state come under?
57. Which one of the following is also known as Top Slip?
  • A. Simplipal National Park
  • B. Indira Gandhi Wildelife Sanctuary and National Park
  • C. Manjira Wildelife Sanctuary
  • D. Periyar Wildelife Sanctuary
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58. If a news broadcast from London at 1:45 pm on Monday, at what time and what day it will be heard at Dhaka?
59. The Union Government has launched which web portal for online documentation verification for students?  
60. At the Summer Solstice, which one of the following latitudes will have the longest night?

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