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General Knowledge on General Knowledge on Airlines

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1. Which of the following has become the world’s first airline to launch double beds in business class?
2. Which aviation company acquired the World’s Top Airline Stock in 2017 with 124% gain?
3. Who is the head of task force constituted by USIBC to identify opportunities in the Indian Civil Aviation sector?
4. BCAS has recently suspended the licence of budget carrier IndiGo’s aviation security training facility. What does BCAS stands for?
  • A. Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS)
  • B. Bureau of Custom Aviation Security (BCAS)
  • C. Bureau of Customary Aviation Security (BCAS)
  • D. Bureau of Censor Aviation Security (BCAS)
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5. Which country has launched the world’s smallest and cheapest private jet “Vision Jet”?
6. Where is the headquarters of International Air Transport Association (IATA)?
7. Which airline will become the world’s first airline to adopt new satellite-based airplane tracking system?
8. Which airport has become the world’s first airport to completely operate on solar power?
  • A. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
  • B. Hyderabad International Airport
  • C. Kochi Airport
  • D. Amritsar international Airport
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9. Avianova airline belongs to which country?
10. Aviesa S.A de C.V is a charter airline belongs to which country?

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