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General Knowledge on Festivals

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1. Which union minister has launched North East Festival ‘North-East Calling’ in New Delhi?
2. The traditional Bonderam festival has started in which state?
3. Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated in which Indian state?
4. Which city to host India’s first sport theme literary festival ‘SporTale’?
5. The Bargarh Dhanua Jatra festival has started in which of the following states?
6. The 2017 International Yoga festival has started in which state?
7. The 2017 International Shivratri Festival has started in which state?
8. The annual tribal festival ‘Bhagoria’ will start in which of the following states?  
9. A six-day-long festival of music and dance forms titled 'Vanaj' concluded at Central park, Connaught Place in New Delhi. What kind of festival it is?
  • A. National Craftsmen Festival
  • B. National Tribal Festival
  • C. National Dance festival
  • D. National Music Festival
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10. Godawari Maha Pushkaram festival, which is held in 144 years, is being held in the State of

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