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General Knowledge on Entrepreneurs

(Click on suggested Options to select the answer | Color Red means : Wrong & Green Means: Correct)
1. Which Indian entrepreneur has won the prestigious International Business Person of the Year award in London for innovative IT solutions?
2. Dabur India has tied up with which e-commerce major for an online ayurveda marketplace?
3. Which of the followinng has become the first power utility to introduce a QR code based bill payments system in India?
4. Microsoft has tied up with which Indian state to use its AI-based MINE platform to screen children for eye problems?
5. Shaphee Lanphee, a traditional textile fabric, is a GI product from which of the following states?
6. Which of the following industries is the not covered in the Index of Eight Core Industries?
7. Which Indian personality has been honoured with the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” award at The 7th Asian Awards in London?
8. Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases from
9. Who owns the IDBI Bank?
10. Who among is or was the head of Punjab National Bank?

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