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General Knowledge on Days and Years

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61. Which date in India the 2017 National Press Day (NPD) is celebrated?
62. Which date is observed the 2017 World Fisheries day (WFD)?
63.  Which date is celebrated on the 2017 Constitution Day in India?
64. Which date is celebrated the Indian Navy Day (IND)?
65. Which date in India the 2017 Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated?
66. Which date the Universal Health Coverage Day (UHCD) is observed?
67. Which date in India is celebrated the 2017 National Energy Conservation Day (NECD)?
68. Which date in India is celebrated on the 56th Liberation Day of Goa?
69. Which date is celebrated on the 2017 National Farmers day (NFD) in India ?
70. Which date in India is celebrated on the 2017 National Mathematics Day (NMD)?

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