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General Knowledge on Currency

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1. Nepal has signed how much amount of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for 2018-2022?
2. NTPC has signed a Rs 3,000-crore term loan agreement with which bank for partially funding its capital expenditure?
3. Which RBI committee has recently recommended that banks should link home loan rates to repo rate?
4. India has signed how much amount of loan pact with AIIB for Gujarat road project?
5. What is the current repo rate, as per recently released RBI’s 3rd bi-monthly monetary policy statement for FY 2017-18?
6. Which of the following was first paper currency issued by RBI?
7. Which of the following currencies is not included in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) Currency Basket?
8. Consider the following statements about Mixed Economy system: It combines the features of both capitalist and socialist market India is an excellent example of mixed economy system  
9. Bank Rate is defined as the rate at which:
  • A. the commercial banks are able to borrow overnight funds from RBI
  • B. RBI lends long term loans to commercial banks
  • C. a commercial bank can lend to its customers
  • D. RBI lends short term loans to commercial banks
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10. Which country has officially recognized Bitcoin and digital currencies as legal money?

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