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General Knowledge on Countries

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1. Which country belonged to Stephen Hawking, the legendary theoretical physicist has passed away?
2. In which country president Ram Nath Kovind has inaugurated the world hindi secretariat  ?
3. What is the name of country to host the 17th annual conference of international competition network 2018 (ICN2018)?  
4. Recently where is the headquarters of IATA the international air transport association (IATA) has  partnered with civil aviation ministry in India.  ?
5. What is the name of India’s neighboring country will be recommended for graduation from UN’s least developed country (LDC) category?  
6. What is the name of country to host the first-ever International Solar Alliance (ISA) summit?
7. What is the name of country hosted the World ATM Congress (WATMC-2018)?
8. What is the name of country’s hockey team has won the 27th edition of the sultan azlan shah cup 2018?
9. What is the name country tops asia-pacific list of nations elected to united nations human rights council (UNHRC)?
10.   Which country and india and resolve to fight common challenge of terrorism?

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