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General Knowledge on Computers

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1. Why is the 'CapsLock' key referred to as a toggle key?
  • A. Because its function goes back and forth every time it is pressed
  • B. Because it cannot be used to insert
  • C. Because it cannot be used to delete
  • D. Because it cannot be used for entering numbers
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2. In which one of the computer message counter, retains the copies of message that you have started but are not ready to send?
3. What do we call the part of 'DTH' satellite dish, that converts the signals from electromagnetic or radio waves to electrical singles?
  • A. Ortho-Mode Transducer (OMT)
  • B. Low-Noise Block converter (LNB)
  • C. Block-Up Converter (BUC)
  • D. Parabolic Disc
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4. Which one of the following is correct about 'Ecommerce'?
  • A. It involves issuance of important business reports in the Internet
  • B. It keeps track of paper based transaction in the Internet
  • C. It supports decision making processes through public opinion
  • D. It conducts business over the Internet
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5. In MS-Excel, which of the following functions, is used to find the highest value within the list?
6. Which one of the following is a family of frame-based computer networking technologies for Local Area Networks (LANs)?
7. The acronym HTML stands for
  • A. High Transfer Machine Language
  • B. High Transmission Mark-up Language
  • C. Hyper-Text Mark-up Language
  • D. Hypermedia Mark-up Language
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8. Select the correct answer
  • A. secondary storage does not use magnetic media
  • B. secondary storage consists four main types of devices
  • C. secondary storage does not require constant power supply
  • D. None of the above
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9. A sale clerk at a checkout counter scanning a tag on an item rather than keying it into the system, is using
10. What is a file
  • A. A file is a section of main storage used to store data
  • B. A file is a collection of information that has been given a name and is store in secondary memory
  • C. A file is a part of a programme that is used to describe what the programme should do
  • D. None of the above
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