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General Knowledge on Cinema

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1. Who is Alia Bhatt's co-star in the upcoming movie 'Shaandaar'?
2. What is the name of half sister of Alia Bhatt?
3. Alia Bhatt's debut movie 'Student of the Year' also starred which of the following actor pairs?
4. In how many movies has Varun Dhawan been Alia's co-star?
5. Alia Bhatt won the Filmfare award for which of the following films in the Critics Best Actress category in 2015?
6. Who is Alia Bhatt's co-star in the upcoming movie 'Shaandaar'?
7. In which year was Alia Bhatt born?
8. In which year did Alia Bhatt make her Bollywood debut as an adult?
9. Alia Bhatt is the daughter of which famous Bollywood producer director?
10. Alia Bhatt featured in which of the following movies made by Imtiaz Ali?

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