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United Nations Environment Programmes: Current Affairs, GK, Study Material

Read Current affairs on United Nations Environment Programmes. Get the latest news and current events on United Nations Environment Programmes. On this page readers may also find the best and latest Current Affair articles on to get the in depth knowledge on the topic. The articles written for United Nations Environment Programmes and current affairs questions on United Nations Environment Programmes on Time2study is best study material for those readers who are seeking or applying for the government jobs through exams. The United Nations Environment Programmes Current articles is made by considering (How, why, who, where, when, what) and the entire back ground on the topic including General knowledge questions.

The headquarter of United Nations Fund for Programmes Population Activities (UNFA) are at

A. London B. New York C. Washington D. Rome
Posted On:07th January 2015 Read More →

The purpose of United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) is

A. studying population dynamics B. collecting population data C. evolving population policies, family planning and related programmes D. All of the above
Posted On:07th January 2015 Read More →

'BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes' is managed by the

A. Asian Development Bank B. International Monetary Fund C. United Nations Environment Programme D. World Bank
Posted On:26th December 2016 Read More →

'Green Index' has been developed by

A. United Nations environment Programme B. International Monetary Fund (IMF) C. World Bank D. None of the above
Posted On:17th October 2016 Read More →

Regarding 'carbon' credits', which one of the following statements is not correct?

A. The carbon credit system was ratified in conjunction with the Kyoto Protocol B. Carbon credits are awarded to countries of groups that have reduced greenhouse gases below their emission quota C. the goal of the carbon credit system is to limit the increase of carbon dioxide......
Posted On:25th January 2017 Read More →

Gulf cooperation council was originally formed by

A. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates B. Second World Nations C. Third World Nations D. Fourth World Nations
Posted On:07th January 2015 Read More →

Which of the following agencies related to the United Nations is concerned with promoting the growth of international trade and equilibrium in balance of payments?

A. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation B. International Development Association C. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Organisation D. United Nation Development Programme
Posted On:07th January 2015 Read More →

Which one of the following is not an official language of the United Nations ?

A. Arabic B. Chinese C. Portuguese D. Spanish
Posted On:29th September 2016 Read More →

When did the United Nations Organization come into existence?

A. October 24,1945 B. October24,1943 C. November26,1945 D. November26, 1943
Posted On:09th September 2016 Read More →

Which ofthe following is not one of the official languages of the United Nations?

A. Arabic B. Spanish C. Hindi D. Russian
Posted On:25th August 2016 Read More →
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