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Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan: Current Affairs, GK, Study Material

Read Current affairs on Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan. Get the latest news and current events on Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan. On this page readers may also find the best and latest Current Affair articles on to get the in depth knowledge on the topic. The articles written for Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan and current affairs questions on Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan on Time2study is best study material for those readers who are seeking or applying for the government jobs through exams. The Tehrik I Taliban Pakistan Current articles is made by considering (How, why, who, where, when, what) and the entire back ground on the topic including General knowledge questions.

Current Affairs 17 December 2014

1) Which terrorist organisation of Pakistan carried out a horrendous attack on a school in Peshawar on 16 December 2014 killing more than 130 people including a very large number of school children and teachers? – Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Explanation: The gunmen of......
Posted On:16th December 2014 Read More →

Current Affairs 24 March 2015

The 46th edition of Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2014 was announced by the Union Govt. on 23 March 2015.Which film personality was chosen for this award?: Shashi Kapoor Explanation: Dadasaheb Phalke award is conferred by the Government of India for outstanding contribution to the growth and....
Posted On:24th March 2015 Read More →

Who was the Chola king under whose reign Brihadeshwara temple of Tanjore was constructed ?

A. Rajendra I B. Kulattuniga I C. Rajaraja I D. Rajadhiraj I
Posted On:14th October 2016 Read More →

After consolidating his power, Balban assumed the grand title of

A. Tute-i- Hind  B. Kaiser-i-Hind  C. Zil-i-Ilahi D. Din-i-Ilahi
Posted On:25th June 2016 Read More →

The main types of air mass include maritime tropical(mT) maritime polar(mP) maritime arctic(mA)continental polar(cP)

A. All of the above B. I, III, IV C. I, IV D. I, II
Posted On:16th January 2015 Read More →

Which Chola king successfully led expendition to the North to capture territories up to river Ganges?

A. Vijayalaya B. Aditya I C. Rajendra Chola I D. Rajaraja Chola I
Posted On:06th February 2017 Read More →

Who among the following laid the foundation of Rashtrakuta Empire ?

A. Amoghavarsha I B. Dantidurga C. Dhruva D. Krishna I
Posted On:09th July 2016 Read More →

Which one of the chola Kings conquered Ceylon?

A. Aditya I B. Rajraja I C. Rajendra  D. Vijayalaya
Posted On:09th July 2016 Read More →

Which Chola king was given the title of Gangai Konda?

A. Rajaraja I B. Rajadhiraja  C. Rajendra I D. None of these
Posted On:29th November 2015 Read More →

Which Chola king conquered the whole of Ceylon?

A. Rajendra B. Rajaraja I C. Rajadhiraja I D. Kulutonga
Posted On:29th November 2015 Read More →
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