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Sela River: Current Affairs, GK, Study Material

Read Current affairs on Sela River. Get the latest news and current events on Sela River. On this page readers may also find the best and latest Current Affair articles on to get the in depth knowledge on the topic. The articles written for Sela River and current affairs questions on Sela River on Time2study is best study material for those readers who are seeking or applying for the government jobs through exams. The Sela River Current articles is made by considering (How, why, who, where, when, what) and the entire back ground on the topic including General knowledge questions.

In which state is located the sela pass In the Union Budget 2018, the Union government has announced to build a tunnel through the sela Pass?

A. Arunachal Pradesh B. Uttarakhand C. Sikkim D. Maharashtra
Posted On:23rd February 2018 Read More →

Current Affairs 22 December 2014

1. Which river in Bangladesh was the site of a huge oil spill in December 2014 that is now threatening to ecologically sensitive Sunderbans area? – Sela River Explanation: Nearly 350 tonnes of oil was spilled into the Sela River with an empty cargo vessel on 12 December 2014......
Posted On:22nd December 2014 Read More →

Which of the following rivers drains into the Atlantic Ocean?

A. Nile River B. Mekong River C. Congo River D. Yellow River
Posted On:22nd October 2016 Read More →

Kabul is the Capital of Afghanistan. It is situated on Kabul river. Kabul river is the tributary of

A. Brahmaputra B. Indus river C. Neelam river D. Krishna river
Posted On:16th July 2016 Read More →

Shuangjiankou Dam, the world tallest dam is getting constructed on which river in China?

A. Yangtze River B. Mekong River C. Bhramputra River D. Yellow River
Posted On:19th July 2015 Read More →

The longest river in the Common wealth of independent states is the

A. Irtysh river B. Ob river C. Yenisei river D. Volga river
Posted On:16th January 2015 Read More →

Over which river India’s first underwater rail tunnel was built

A. Ganga River B. Chenab River C. Yamuna River D. Hooghly River
Posted On:26th May 2017 Read More →

The boring of India’s first underwater rail tunnel has completed under which river?

A. Hooghly River  B. Krishna River C. Kaveri River  D. Godavari River
Posted On:27th May 2017 Read More →

Which river in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is located on the Uri Dam ?

A. Padma River B. Jhelum River C. Gumti River D. Manu River
Posted On:15th January 2018 Read More →

Which river in rajasthan built the jawahar sagar dam is across?

A. Manu River B. Barak River C. Dhaleshwari River D. Chambal river
Posted On:28th February 2018 Read More →
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