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Big Cinemas: Current Affairs, GK, Study Material

Read Current affairs on Big Cinemas. Get the latest news and current events on Big Cinemas. On this page readers may also find the best and latest Current Affair articles on to get the in depth knowledge on the topic. The articles written for Big Cinemas and current affairs questions on Big Cinemas on Time2study is best study material for those readers who are seeking or applying for the government jobs through exams. The Big Cinemas Current articles is made by considering (How, why, who, where, when, what) and the entire back ground on the topic including General knowledge questions.

On 9 June 2015 PVR Ltd has acquired which Rival entity for Rs 500 crore on a slump sale basis?

A. Big Cinemas B. Max Cinemas C. Inox D. Satyam Cinema
Posted On:14th June 2015 Read More →

Current Affairs 10 June 2015

In a latest event, which country found struggling with latest MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus outbreak killing over 100 people and over 2800 were quaratined?: South Korea Explanation: MERS Stands for “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory......
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Current Affairs 16 December 2014

1) What was the name of the lone heavily-armed man of Iranian-origin who held 17 people hostage at a café in Sydney for around17 hours on 15 December 2014 before being killed in the police attack? – Man Haron Monis On 15 December 2014, what was the name of the heavily-armed.....
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Who gave the first evidence of Big-bang theory?

A. Edwin Hubble B. Stephen Hawking  C. S Chandrasekhar D. Albert Einstein
Posted On:23rd November 2016 Read More →

Words 'Bull' and 'Big' are associated with which branch of commercial activity?

A. Foreign trade B. Banking C. Share market D. Manufacturing
Posted On:02nd September 2016 Read More →

The nickname of Glenn McGrath is what?

A. Ooh Ahh B. Penguin C. Big Bird D. Pigeon
Posted On:23rd April 2016 Read More →

Which term topped the list of 50 business buzzwords globally?

A. Big data B. Content C. Guru D. Net-net
Posted On:23rd December 2015 Read More →

Deficit financing means that the government borrows money from the

A. IMF B. big businessmen C. RBI D. local bodies
Posted On:16th January 2015 Read More →

The nickname of Glenn McGrath is what?

A. Ooh Ahh B. Penguin C. Big Bird D. Pigeon
Posted On:16th January 2015 Read More →

Which metal pollute the air of a big city?

A. Copper B. Chromium C. Lead D. Cadmium
Posted On:16th January 2015 Read More →
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