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General Knowledge on Indian Politics

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61. One feature distinguishing the Rajya Sabha from the Vidhan Parishad is?
62. What is the position of a 'Minister of State' in the Central Government?
  • A. He looks after the interests of the state cabinet
  • B. He is a Minister of Central Government, but not a Member of the Cabinet
  • C. He is the nominee of the state Governor
  • D. He is the nominee of the state Cabinets
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63. Article 340 of the Constitution of India provides for the appointment of a commission to investigate the conditions for the improvement of?
  • A. Socially and Economically Backward Classes
  • B. Educationally and Economically Backward Classes
  • C. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
  • D. Socially and Educationally Backward Classes
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64. Which movement started after the Partition of Bengal?
65. In the case of a conflict between the centre and a state in respect of a subject included in the concurrent list?
  • A. The matter is resolved by the Supreme Court
  • B. The law which had been passed first would prevail
  • C. The State Law prevails
  • D. The Union Law prevails
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66. The office of Lokpal and Lokayukta in India is based on which one of the following?
  • A. Procurator General of Russia
  • B. Council of State in France
  • C. Parliamentary Commissioner of UK
  • D. Ombudsman of Scandinavia
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67. To obtain full benefits of demographic dividend, what should India do?
  • A. Privatisation of higher education
  • B. Reducing infant mortality rate
  • C. Promoting skill development
  • D. Introducing more social security schemes
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68. Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly?
69. After the general elections, the Protem speaker is?
  • A. The seniormost member of the Lok Sabha
  • B. Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • C. Elected by the Lok Sabha
  • D. Appointed by the President of India
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70. If India decides to have a Presidential form of Government, the first and foremost Amendment has to be made affecting the
  • A. Executive-Legislature Relationship
  • B. Provisions Pertaining to Fundamental Rights
  • C. System Of Judiciary
  • D. Composition Of Parliament
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