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General Knowledge on Indian Politics

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51. Which union ministry has made a provision enabling people to apply online for passports in Hindi?
  • A. Ministry of Law and Justice
  • B. ministry of Home Affairs
  • C. Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  • D. Ministry of External Affairs
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52. Who has been appointed the new chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament?
53. Which state government has launched digital wallet “T-Wallet” for people with and without mobile phones?
54. Who has become the new vice-chairperson of National Commission for Minorities (NCM)?
55. Recognition to a Political party is accorded by?
  • A. The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
  • B. A Committee of Whips
  • C. the speaker of the Lok Sabha in the case of national parties and the Speaker Legislative Assemblies in the case of Reginol part
  • D. The Election Commission
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56. In India both direct and indirect taxes  are levied by the central and state Government. which of the following is levied by the state Governments?
57. Which among the following Was not a member of the Constituent Assembly?
58. Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly?
59. There is a Parliamentary System of Government in India because the
  • A. Rajya Sabha can not be dissolved
  • B. Council of Ministers is responsible to Lok Sabha
  • C. Lok Sabha is elected directly by the people
  • D. Parliament can amend the Constituition
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60. Which one of the following taxes is levied by the union and collected and appropriated by the states?

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