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General Knowledge on Indian Geography

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61. The January isotherm taken as a basis for dividing India into tropical and subtropical zones is
62. In which part of India Dandakaranya is situated
63. Red color soil is caused by
64. The endangered species are listed in what colour data book?
65. Kanha National Park belongs to which one among the following biogeographical areas in the world?
66. Which one of the following does not characterise the Himalayas?
  • A. Various parallel ranges of the Himalayas from a convex aec
  • B. There exist syntaxial bends at both the terminals of the Himalayas
  • C. Indus, Sutlej and Brahmaputra rivers are examples of antecedent drainage
  • D. The Himalayas arewinder in the East, than in the West
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67. Which one of the following is a global biodiversity hotspot in India?
68. The channel separating the Andaman Island from the Nicobar Islands is known as
69. Which one among the following is not a factor that affects direction of wind?
70. Which of the following rocks is not likely to contain fossils?

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