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General Knowledge on Indian Economy

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61. UTI has been divided into two parts UTI-I and UTI-II. Which part has been kept under the control of government?
62. A zero rate of inflation obtains necessarily in a year where the annual rate of inflation
  • A. is constant in every week of the year
  • B. is both falling and rising in a year
  • C. is falling in every week of the year
  • D. in every week of the year is zero
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63. Which committee was set up to review the concept of the poverty line?
64. What is Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan Yojana associated with?
65. DWCRA stands for
  • A. Development and Welfare of Catchment Rural Areas
  • B. Direct Welfare of Children in Rural Areas
  • C. Development of women and Children in Rural Areas
  • D. None of the above
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66. What is the aim of Operation Blackboard?
  • A. Promoting adult literacy
  • B. Opening new schools specially for female child
  • C. Providing primary education in an educationally backward area
  • D. Providing education to urban slum dwellers
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67. What does cyclical unemployment mean?
  • A. Voluntary unemployment
  • B. Seasonal unemployment
  • C. Disguised unemployment
  • D. Unemployment during recessionary phase of a trade cycle
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68. Expand the term LIBOR
  • A. London Inter-Bank Onsite Rate
  • B. London Inter-Bank Offsite Rate
  • C. London Inter-Bank Operational Rate
  • D. London Inter-Bank Offered Rate
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69. RBI was set up on the recommendation of ...................commission.
70. Which of the following Mahatma Gandhi series of currency notes issued by the RBI has a drawing of the 'Parliament House' depicted on it?

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