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General Knowledge on Indian Economy

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361. In utensils worth Rs 1000 are produced with copper worth Rs 500, wages paid are Rs 100, other material purchased is worth Rs 100 and depreciation of machinery is zero, then what is the value added in process?
362. In India, inflation measured by the
  • A. National Income Deflation
  • B. Consumers Price Index for agricultural workers
  • C. Consumers Price Index for urban non-manual workers
  • D. Wholesale Price Index number
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363. In the state of India, the State Financial Corporation have given assistance mainly to develop
364. Devaluation of currency leads to
  • A. erratic fluctuations in domestic prices
  • B. no impact on domestic prices
  • C. increase in domestic prices
  • D. fall in domestic prices
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365. National expenditure includes
366. Gross domestic capital formation is defined as
  • A. net addition to stock after depreciation
  • B. production exceeding demand
  • C. expenditure incurred on physical assets only
  • D. flow of expenditure devoted to increased or maintaining of the capital stock
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367. Which of the following is the first Indian private company to sign an accord with Government of Myanmar for oil exploration in two offshore blocks in that country?
368. In the last one decade, which one among the following sectors has attracted the highest foreign direct investment inflows into India?

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