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General Knowledge on Chemistry

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11. In which one of the following situation a chemical reaction does not occur?
  • A. Iron is kept in moist air
  • B. Sodium is placed in water
  • C. Common salt is exposed in air
  • D. Coal is burnt in air
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12. Which one among the following method is not effective in removing arsenic from contaminated ground water?
13. Which of the following is not a gaseous air pollutant?
14. Red Phosphorus is used in the manufacturing os safety matches. This is due to the fact
  • A. it shows phosphorusescence
  • B. it does not react with halogen on heating
  • C. it can not be converted to white phophorus on heating
  • D. at ordinary temprature, it is less reactive than other varities of phosphorus
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15. Standard 18-carat Gold sold in ther market contains?  
  • A. 18 parts gold and 82 part other materials
  • B. 82 parts gold and 18 part other materials
  • C. 18 parts gold and 6 part other materials
  • D. 8 parts gold and 16 parts other materials
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16. Which one of the following oxides is the most abundant in Earth crust?
17. In the modern food processing industries the food stuff are found to be preserved in the brine solution. What is the brine solution?
  • A. Saturated solution of FeCl3
  • B. Saturated solution of NaCl
  • C. Saturated solution of carbonic acid
  • D. Saturated solution of MgCl2
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18. KO2 (potassium superoxide) is used in oxygen cylinders in space and submarines because it
19. Scuba divers are at high risk due to high concentration of dissolved gases while breathing air at high pressure under water. The tanks used by Scuba divers are filled with
20. Soaps are important cleansing agent and this property is due to their emulsifying action. How does soap enhance the cleansing action ?
  • A. It has capacity to render more prolonged the mixing of oil and water
  • B. It breaks triple bond formed between dirt and cloth
  • C. It rises the temperature of the reaction
  • D. It has a strong acidic character which can dissolve the dirt
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