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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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81. Buyer's market denotes the place where
  • A. Commodities are available at competitive rates
  • B. The demand and supply are well balanced
  • C. The demand exceeds the supply
  • D. The supply exceeds the demand
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82. The rivers of Africa are as large as those in North or South America, but they do not attract much transport because
  • A. Their courses are broken by cataracts and waterfalls
  • B. They pass through dense forest
  • C. The people there are not commercial minded
  • D. Non of the above
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83. Which of the following statements about Bhakti Saints is/are correct?
  • A. Ramananda had 12 disciples including a butcher, a barber, a cobbler and a Muslim weaver
  • B. Namdev was greatly influenced by Muslim
  • C. Ramananda was not a worshiper of Krishna
  • D. All of the above
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84. The term 'Goldilocks Zone' is often seen in the context of?
  • A. Search for the Earth-like planets in the outer space
  • B. Search for meteorites containing precious metals
  • C. The limits of habitable zone above the surface of the earth
  • D. Regions inside the Earth where shale gas is available
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85. The boring of India’s first underwater rail tunnel has completed under which river?  
86. The present demographic transition of India is indicative of?
  • A. Partial Industrialized Economy
  • B. Typically Increasing Urbanization
  • C. High population growth potential but low actual growth
  • D. High population growth potential and high actual growth
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87. Upari refers to which of the following?
  • A. A court official during Maratha rule
  • B. A group of peasants who repelled against their oppressive landlord under Maratha rule
  • C. A form of Marathi Poetry that emerged during the Maratha Period
  • D. A category of tenancy tenure held under the Maratha Regime
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88. Over which river India’s first underwater rail tunnel was built
89. Which one of the following is not true for the Diamond?
  • A. It is used as an abrasive for sharpening hard tools
  • B. It can be used as a lubricant
  • C. Each carbon atom is linked to four other carbon atoms
  • D. Three-dimensional Network, structure of carbon atom is formed
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90. Civil servants are not permitted to become?
  • A. Chief Election Commissioner
  • B. Members of Parliament
  • C. Heads of commissions of Enquiry
  • D. Vice-Chancellor of Universities
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