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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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821. Fire temple is the place of worship of which of the following religion?
822. From the following, choose the set in which names of Secretary-Generals of the UNO are arranged in correct chronological order?
  • A. U Thant, Kurt Waldheim, Dag Hammarskjoeld, Trygve Lie.
  • B. Trygve Lie, Dag Hammarskjoeld, U Thant, Kurt Waldheim.
  • C. Trygve Lie, U Thant , Dag Hammarskjoeld, Kurt Waldheim.
  • D. U Thant, Dag Hammarskjoeld, Trygve Lie, Kurt Waldheim.
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823. During eleventh Antarctic Expedition in Nov. 1991/March 1992 ____ was installed.
  • A. SODAR (SOnic Detection And Ranging)
  • B. Second Permanent Station 'Maitree'
  • C. First permanent station 'Dakshin Gangotri'
  • D. None of the above
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824. Friction can be reduced by changing from
825. Guwahati High Court is the judicature of
826. Gravity setting chambers are used in industries to remove
827. Famous sculptures depicting art of love built some time in 950 AD – 1050 AD are
828. Each year World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on
829. Federation Cup, World Cup, Allywyn International Trophy and Challenge Cup are awarded to winners of
830. For the Olympics and World Tournaments, the dimensions of basketball court are

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