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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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791. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), the apex policy making body of the I-T Department, has recently issued a notification making which two instrument are valid proof of "date of birth" for obtaining PAN card?
  • A. Elector's Photo Identity Card (EPIC) and Aadhaar
  • B. Elector's Photo Identity Card (EPIC) and Rashan Card
  • C. Bank Passport and Government I-Card
  • D. Passport and Aadhaar
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792. After massive earthquake in Nepal, what is the name given to Indian Army’s relief and rescue operation in Nepal that was launched in the country on 25 April 2015?
793. TRAI website was hacked on 27 April 2015 after it displayed details, including e-mail IDs and names of around a million people who wrote to it on which issue?
794. In the month of May 2015, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC Limited) completed how many years of its establishment?
795. To cash in on growing online shopping/E-commerce trend, India Post office will start its e-commerce centre from through which post office circle?
796. East Timor, which became the 191st member of the UN, is in the continent of
797. Free market is
  • A. a condition in the international market where nations do not impose customs duty or other taxes on import of goods
  • B. market where the price of a commodity is determined by free play of the forces of supply and demand
  • C. ports that are exempted from payment of customs duty on articles of commerce, primarily to encourage tourism
  • D. None of the above
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798. Dr. Linus Carl Pauling is the only person to have won two Nobel prizes individually for
  • A. Chemistry in 1954, Peace Prize in 1962
  • B. Peace Prize in 1954, Chemistry in 1962
  • C. Physics in 1954, Medicine in 1962
  • D. Medicine in 1954, Physics in 1962
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799. During the first crusade, crusaders reached Jerusalem and captured it in
800. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was
  • A. a German Physicist
  • B. developed the mercury thermometer in 1714
  • C. devised temperature scale
  • D. All of the above
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