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General Knowledge on Basic Level Questions

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721. Which among the following Articles deals with the protection of environment and wildlife?
722. The organisms which feeds on bodies of the dead organisms is
723. Ground water in the Bengal basin is mostly contaminated by
724. Ozone layer above the surface of Earth provides a shield against
725. Which one of the following is not "The Great Lakes"?
726. Which one among the following is a source of methane emission into the atmosphere?
727. Hwang Ho river flows through which one of the following cities?
728. Which among the following rivers is the largest?
729. Which of the following is the longest bridge in India?
  • A. Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Bihar
  • B. Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Mumbai
  • C. Rabindra Setu, Calcutta
  • D. Jadukata Bridge, Meghalaya
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730. Which of the following is an indigenously built light combat aircraft of India?

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