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Summer Camp in Faridabad: Toddlers to Teenz

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The Summer Camp - Toddlers To TeenZ

Date: 14th May to 28th May 2017

Time 9 AM - 12:00 PM

With the summers already knocking our doors, it’s time to Beat the Heat!! & let the kids explore extra curricular activities in the spare time. We are proud to present the very first edition of Toddlers To TeenZ- The Summer Camp organised & Certified by SALC (www.time2study.in) Phew! Yes, it’s been crazy compiling this and trying the get the most interesting workshops & sessions to cater all age group ‘Toddlers To TeenZ’. We have compiled it with the collaboration of young achievers who are multi talented and driven by their passion to form ‘PROGRESSIVE YOUNG INDIA’. To all the parents please use this to invest in a hobby, activity that your kid love to pursue verses an activity that continues to bind them to a routine. Every participant will get certificate of participation after the successful completion of the program.

1.  RJ Panti, Anchoring & Live Commentary by Shabana Arora

Age Group 8+

If you talk continuously and your parents are giving you bribes to sit quite for some time, here is the right platform to learn the basics and sharpen your talking skills to budding RJ or commentator. Limited seats available so make sure you register at the earliest.

*Stage Handling will be done by your SALC  RJ’s on closing ceremony.

 If you love the sound of your own voice, and have a way to charm listeners with your words, then a career as a radio jockey might be tailor-made for you.

Event Information

Age Group

8 and Above

Last Date of Registration: 14th May-2017

Activities:  Voice Modules, Scripts, Commentaries

Timings: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Workshop  for radio jockey camp: The workshop include basics of

 Day 1. Verbal communications and phonetics.

Day 2. Art of proper articulation and pronunciation.

Day 3. An idea of writing scripts, radio presentation, voice projecting.

Day 4. Articulation of an idea

Day 5. Presentation as RJ

Day 6. Interview of Guests

Day 7. Providing Commentaries

Day 8. Manage requests of listeners

Day9. Songs on public demand

Day 10. Stage Handling & coordination

Day 12. Commentaries

Venue:- SALC Indoor & Outdoor

Contact No.

8368454540, 9792294999

2. Young Actor’s Club & Theatre workshop

Age group:  5-19


The 2-week theatre camp will bring street style experimental techniques where the children will learn with budding & passionate theatre artists.  They will write their own script under the leadership of theatre mentor  Vaibhav Chabbra,  Aditya Malhotra and enact it as a performance for parents at the end of the Closing Ceremony.


Theater Workshop BY Vaibhav Chabbra & Team


Event Information

Age Group

5 and Above

Last Date of Registration: 14th May-2017

Activities:  Role play, Theatre, Drama, Dialects & Dialogues

Timings: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM


A enthusiastically managed Theatre Workshop with focus on developing Communication Skills, Creative/Original Thinking, Self-Belief/Confidence, Teamwork and channelizing Physical, Emotional, Intellectual energies through Fun and Play. The workshop culminates in the performance of a play with songs, costumes, make-up and more!

Venue: Salc

Contact No. 8368454540, 9792294999


3. Dance your way to Summer - by Mentor Aayat

Age group: 3+

Aayat is very energetic young Dance Mentor. She successfully mentored Dance performances in various School Fests. Winner of  ‘Talent Hunt’ St Xavier, Chandigarh. Children will shake their Booty on Jazz, Free style & Bollywood.

Children will perform at the closing ceremony of the summer camp.


Event Information

Age Group

3 and Above

Last Date of Registration: 14th May-2017

Activities:  HipHop, Jaz, Bollywood

Timings: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Workshop Details

Choose which style you prefer to have more classes in: Hip-Hop, Contemporary Jazz, or Both Equally. All students receive instruction in both styles but will focus on one style for the Dance Video. Which style this is depends on a number of factors such as enrolment, student experience/level, and indicated preference. Students are encouraged to state their preferred style when they enrol, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. Team will be divided in to two groups according to age.(Toddlers Team  warriors Team)

Performance of both the teams on closing ceremony.

Venue:- SALC Indoor & Outdoor

Contact No.

8368454540, 9792294999


4. Early engineers by  Shafali Sisodia &  Sonika Kapoor

Age group: 3+

This theme will encourage your budding scientists to explore, thinker, experiment, assimilate and have a blast through it all by Reinventing ‘Best out of waste’. This will be an assisted program to guide the children through the theme of the week .Un-breaking toys, making new toys, paper art etc. Sessions with Early Engineers will be overloaded with fun and learning of basics of Reinvention.

Show case of Creative Exhibition will be displayed at the closing ceremony of summer camp.


Event Information

Age Group

3 and Above

Last Date of Registration: 14th May-2017

Timings: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Day1. Paper Jewellery

Day2 Best out of waste

Day3 Origami

Day4 Newspaper Weaving Class

Day5 DIY Foosball Table for kids

Venue:- SALC Indoor & Outdoor

Contact No.

8368454540, 9792294999


5. Paint your world by Sonika Kapoor & Shafali Sisodia

Age group: 3+

Children will be introduced to a new theme through a storybook, which will get extended into fun filled painting, art and craft activities. Exhibition of paintings at the Closing Ceremony of Summer Camp.

Day 1: My colour, my space

Day 2. Challengers hand or foot

Day 3. Circle the circle & Flower Me

Day4. My shapes my designs

Day5. Learning by playing


6. Shakespeare Calling:  By Shabana Arora

An insight to Shakespeare’s extra ordinary contribution to English Literature.

Focus will be on

*Shakespearean vocabulary

* Famous Idioms, quotes & phrases coined by Shakespeare

* Introduction to Shakespeare Classic Plays

*Voice Modulation & speech clarity

*Appreciation of Art & Culture

Slot 1. Age 6 to 11

Slot 2 Age 12-15


7. Food without Fire for Young Chefs by Shefali Sisiodia

Age group 5+

Enjoy your summer by learning Food Art without fire - in form of Sprouts salads, Fruit creams, Mango - Tango, Mock-tails and many more exciting dishes.

Day1 Mango Tango

Day2 Mock tails

Day3 fruit creams & salads

Day 4 Sprout Salads & Sandwiches

Day5. Mediterranean Cucumber salad


8. Writer’s RockZ & Story TellerZ

Age 3+

Story Writing, Story Telling & Poetry

Day 1. Seven steps to perfect story

Day2. Plot Development- Fiction, Horror, Research, Fantasy

Day 3.  The 5 major story Elements & Story Openings -

Day4. 25 Things about creating a character & strong characters

Day5. Outlining your story

Day6.How to write a fighting scene

Day7.Increase your story Tension

Day8. Climax of the story

Day9. 22 rules of phenomenal story Telling

Day10 Story Narration & Voice Usage with emotions


9. Personality Development and Basic Etiquettes by Shabana Arora

Age 3+

Social Graces & Behaviour/Table manners/Personal care and hygiene

Day 1. General Courtesies

Day2. Social Graces

Day3. Fine Dine, Cutlery & Table Manners

Day4.Personal Care & Hygiene

Day5. Get Together


9. Pool Party

With the summers already knocking our doors, it’s time to Beat the Heat!! & let the kids explore water in pool with Dance, Masti & Music.

Venue SALC


10.Closing Ceremony: Every good initiative should have to reach to a New beginning. Event will reach to its height when parents will be Glad to see their Happy Talented Kids Performing. Each child will be awarded with certificate of participation & a small gift as token of love and unforgettable memory.

15 Fun Filled days, Choice of Four Unique activities, unmatched Courses, Talented Mentors, short Film preview, Exhibition, Dance, Play & Parents Invites in Closing Ceremony offered just for Rs 3000/- No hidden Charges. Registration Open on first come first serve basis @ Rs 100.

Contact US # 319, Geeta Bhavan, Ground Floor, IP Colony, Gate no.2, Sec 30-33, Faridabad.                        Call us 8368454540,9792294999,0129 -4148111  www.time2study.in

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