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Banking Awareness 2021

Banking and Financial Awareness 15 - 22 February 2015

1. BSE has tightened the financial eligibility norms for listing of Small and Medium Enterprises to attract "robust" companies to the stock market. What is the new rule for the listing?: Companies required to have post-issue paid up capital of a minimum Rs 3 crore as against the current requirement of Rs 1 crore Explanation: Currently 82 companies are listed on the BSE SME......
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Banking and Financial Awareness 7 - 14 February 2015

1. “The Indian Express” an English daily newspaper on 9 February 2015 revealed the names of some more account holders who allegedly have black money at HSBC Bank in Geneva which was later confirmed by the Union Government. As per this news how many Indians have such accounts in this bank? : 1,195 Explanation: The list has now doubled to 1,195 Indians with a collective......
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Banking and Financial Awareness 1 - 6 February 2015

1. India's fiscal deficit overshot the budget estimate of Rs 5.31 lakh crore by December 2014. What is the reason of this overshoot which has prompted the government to take tough steps in the remaining part of 2014-15 to restrict it to 4.1 percent of GDP?:  Subdued Revenue Realization Explanation: According to Controller General (CGA) of Accounts on 30 January, the fiscal......
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Banking Awareness 26 - 31 January 2015

1. On 27 January 2015, Sebi allows which stock exchange to Exit from Stock Bourse Business?: Gauhati Stock Exchange Explanation: The GSE was granted recognition as a stock exchange on May 1, 1984 and GSE as a stock exchange was last renewed for a period of one year on November May 1, 2012. It  made a request to Sebi for its exit as stock exchange in March 2013. In May 2012,.....
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Banking Awareness 19 - 25 January 2015

1. In terms of market capitalization, which bank was ranked at highest place among Indian banks in the list of the Top 50 Most Valued Global Banks that was released by Bloomberg on 17 January 2015? – HDFC Bank Explanation: HDFC Bank, which is India’s second-largest private bank (in terms of asset size), was ranked at 45th place in Bloomberg’s List of Top...
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Banking Awareness 1-10 January 2015

1. Government of India is finally decided to rename & reconstruct the Yojana Ayog (Planning commission) with which new name?: - Niti Ayog (National Information of Transforming India) Explanation: On 26th January 2015, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi will finally announce the rename & reconstruct of 64 years old planning commission “Yojana Ayog” to......
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Banking Awareness 11-17 January 2015

1. On 11 January 2015, World Bank has projected what percentage of economy growth in India in 2015?: 6.4% Explanation: On 11 January 2015, In the Vibrant Gujarat summit World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has announced the economic growth in India in 2015 will be 6.4 % and will be double by 2016. One of the factors for the economic growth in 2015 and 2016 will be the GST which.....
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