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Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

During my school days, my biology teacher taught me regarding different parts of this masterpiece called a brain that comprises of – Reptilian brain, lymbic brain, Neocortex with all those diagrams in detail along with their respective functions. However, only with the perspective to become professionally competent as I was a science student and wanted to be a Doctor and gritty to secure good marks in exams. They were actually right. Did their job perfectly well. But over the years, as I completed my graduation, entered into a job, got married and explored this world of relationships, having kids, managing them, adjustments, compromises and what not. I now feel that all those report cards with 80% marks and remarks of my teacher that still there is a scope for improvement, have left me nowhere as I have struggled a lot in my personal life. I am intelligent as far as my IQ is concerned I am good to go with it but what about my personal relationships, all the setbacks that I have experienced in my life, what about those feelings and emotions that have made a nest in my life and suppressed me to an extent where I ended up depressed and forlorn. Was I not able to express my emotions and feelings? Did anyone not teach me how to manage and control my feelings?? Perhaps no one ever cared for this lifeline (Emotional Intelligence) that could transform and lead to a path of success and fulfillment. But that's okay now as I have learned to master this art of mind management. At the same time, I would consider myself fortunate if we could catapult our child's life and help them educate regarding this formula to get promoted in all walks of life. What matters to me the most is happiness, internal peace and a chill-pill attitude in my life. I wish we were taught how to practically apply the above concepts, in reality, life would have been colorful and each and every one of us would have been able to carve a niche in their life through emotional intelligence, no complaints in relationships, the cool environment at home without any conflicts. We all would be living an extraordinary life without blindly copying others.

I feel pity for all those IIT- ians , IPS officers, as well as established celebrities who have committed suicides either due to a break up in a relationship or may be due to some or the other reason. Where was their intelligence at that point of time? Were they too weak to handle the setbacks? Are our emotions so strong that they can overpower our mind? They have proved that intelligence, raking in big bucks, king size life lands them in a pool of hopeless life as they fail to understand and manage their own emotions and feelings. What's the use of earning degrees from well-renowned universities if one cannot understand the power of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in our life? Even, young children of today's era are under the control of their parents through a remote system that works as per the parent's needs. Just press the button and the list is endless. From getting up early to completing their homework, to score more marks than their siblings, to attending tuition, to joining extra classes to enhance their skills and reminding them on a daily basis to follow this routine so that they are able to earn honor and degree for them as those pedigreed moms have to face their friends probably in kitty party, or social gatherings. Please stop this nagging as we are not at all aware of what our little bundle has been going through . We criticize them like anything. Just question yourself how many times in a day they have to face this brunt of harassment, threatening and what not. The resulting product is that your child may be academically brilliant , but they are poor in handling situations and expressing their emotions. I am not at all against all parents who play a major role in upbringing their children and always aspire their child to be a rising star. But don't you think that Emotionally intelligent people would go a long way in their life and then once we invest in them this flair , they can conquer the world.

It's high time that instead of teaching our child to be a cramming parrot, we let them explore and learn about life. It's perfectly fine if your child does not score as per your expectations as we know that all the fingers are not the same. Every child /person is unique in his own way and that he/she very well deserves to be appreciated and valued. The only message I would like to convey to all those autogiro parents is that making them self-aware of their own feelings and emotions is imperative in today's period of time. Your IQ will get your child hired but EI will get your child promoted. So the choice is yours.

As parents, we are always worried and perplexed about our child's future, especially when it comes to career and a reputed job, how much they will be earning, whether they will be able to support their family or not. Imagine that all your dreams for your child come true. He/she is earning a fortunate amount, possess all the materialistic comforts and desires. But somewhere deep inside he is not satisfied in his life as he had a serious breakup in his relationship and the person dumped him down. For him, the whole life is messy now. And right from the beginning, he has been brought up with an adage that “strong men never cry and share their feelings as it is a sign of weakness “. Well, now he has a great IQ level and as a result, he was able to pursue his dreams and earn sufficiently. But the sad part is that he failed in his relationship as he was not strong enough to share the situation with his parents/friends. Turns out to be an errant soul and depressed. For him, his life is meaningless now as he feels that he will not be able to continue without her support. How we as parents are vigilant regarding this situation. Your child is burning day by day and unfortunately one day he ends up his life. What happened to all those dreams, expectations. Who is responsible for this loss? He himself or we (parents) or this crippling society that labels and expects as to suppress our feelings, keep them bottled up as our so called society have their own likes and dislikes and that they consider this a shaggy-dog-story. Nothing else.

Mind it, you have lost an expensive treasure of your life. Society will not be able to compensate for this disaster. They will of course sympathize, mourn for few days and then leave. The job is done. Just think about it that how important is it for each and every one of us on this planet to acquaint our life with Emotional intelligence, especially for today's children in order to teach them the exact meaning of life.

Time to take action and educate your child of their emotions. So get educated , share education and contribute to produce Emotionally Intelligent Generation.


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