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General Knowledge on World Organisations

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1. Amnesty International is
  • A. A non-governmental voluntary organization to help very poor people
  • B. An inter-governmental agency to cater to medical emergancies in war-ravaged regions
  • C. A global Human Rights Movement
  • D. An agency of the United Nations to help Refugees of Civil war
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2. Which one of the following geographical conditions makes hunting and fishing the principal mean of livelihood in the Tundra region ?
3. The headquarters of World Trade Organisation (WTO) is in
4. Which of the following countries is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)?
5. Which city has been named as the world’s most polluted city, as per recently released urban air quality database of World Health Organization (WHO)?
6. Which Research organisation has created world's lightest synthetic material Silica aerogel in April 2016
  • A. Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg
  • B. Northern Research Station
  • C. ISRO
  • D. NASA
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7. Where is the Asian Development Bank (ADB)?
8. Where is The Amnesty International?
9. UNESCO on 4 July 2015 listed which two vineyards as world heritage site?
  • A. St. Emilion Vineyards and Porrera Vineyards
  • B. Lavaux Vineyards and Kunde Estate Vineyards
  • C. Champagne vineyards and Burgundy vineyards
  • D. Hermonville Vineyards and Brunelloa di Montalcino Vineyards
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10. Union Govt. on 26 April 2015 canceled the licenses of 8,975 NGOs because of failure of filing their annual returns. This was done after it suspended the FCRA registration of Greenpeace India. FCRA stands for what?
  • A. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act
  • B. Foreign Contribution (Regulatory) Act
  • C. Foreigner Contributing (Regulation) Act
  • D. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Academy
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