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General Knowledge on World Geography

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1. Which one among the following is the type of the Comoros Islands which lie in the Indian Ocean between Northern Madagascar and the African Coast?
2. The increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air is slowly raising the temperature of the atmosphere, because it absorbs
  • A. the infrared part of the solar radiation
  • B. all the solar radiation
  • C. the ultraviolet part of the solar radiation
  • D. the water vapours of the air and retains its heat
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3. In which one of the following countries Spanish is not an official language?
4. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
  • A. Dominican Republic : Santo Domingo
  • B. Nicaragua : Balmopan
  • C. Costa Rica : San Jose
  • D. Bahamas : Nassau
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5. The Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical path and the Sun is located at one focus of the ellipse.Imagine a situation in which the Earth goes around the Sun on a circular path. which one among the following would result in under that situation?
  • A. The Earth would become very cold
  • B. The Earth would become very hot
  • C. Difference between seasons will be reduced
  • D. It would not make any difference
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6. Lake Baikal is the only fresh water 'inland sea' discharging its outflow into
7. Why South-East Asia has the largest concentration of peasant population at the global scale?
  • A. The area has a large forested area which is cleared for cultivation of various crops
  • B. The region has favourable and healthier climate
  • C. Intensive subsistence farming is practiced in the region
  • D. The area is dominated by shifting cultivation due to favourable terrain character
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8. Which one of the following is the correct order of the current system in the South Atlantic Ocean?
  • A. South equadorial current- Benguela current -Brazile current Antarctic drift
  • B. Antarctic drift-Brazile current- Benguela current -South equadorial current
  • C. Benguela current -Brazile current-South equadorial current-Antarctic drift
  • D. South equadorial current-Brazile current-Antarctic drift-Benguela current
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9. Which one among the following best explains the reason for the Eastern and Western boundaries of the Pacific Ocean experiencing frequent earthquake?
  • A. These margins coincide with the plate margins
  • B. The currents of the vast Pacific Ocean continue to dash against the continental margins
  • C. High mountain stretch along the continental margins adjacent to this ocean
  • D. There are deep ocean trenches along these margins
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10. Selerophyell forest is a typical vegetation of the

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