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General Knowledge on Technology

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1. Which country has launched its Biggest Naval Destroyer?
2. What is the latest equipment added in Indian Army?
3. Who celebrated 50th Birthday in the world?
4. Which company acquired German start-up SensoMotoric for developing eye tracking technology?
5. Which of the following is the fastest bullet train recently started in China?
6. Who made the Satellite-based chip systems to alert road users at unmanned level crossings?
  • A. Space Research & Development
  • B. Indian Space Research Organization
  • C. Indian Space Research & Development
  • D. Indian Space Development Company
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7. Along with India, which country has identified the key areas to bolster cooperation in  science and technology sector?
8. The CEPI has officially launched at 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) to create new vaccines for emerging infectious diseases. What does “CEPI” stands for? 
  • A. Coalition for Epidemic Practicable Innovations
  • B. Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations
  • C. Coalition for Epidemic Preacher Innovations
  • D. Coalition for Epidemic Preparative Innovations
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9. Which city has become the India’s first city to use robot to control unruly traffic?
10. Tata Motors has signed pact with which technological giant for connected vehicle technology?

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