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1. Who among the following has won the gold medal in the men's single sculls at the Asian Senior Rowing Championships in China, in 2013?
2. 'Ammu-The Great Hornbill' found a place in Limca Book of Records. It is the official mascot of which game that held in Kerala?
3. Who among the following Athletes created a new Marathon World Record in the Berlin Marathon held in September 2013?
4. In order to win the Grand Slam in tennis, a player must win which one of the following group of tournaments?
  • A. Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, US Open
  • B. Wimbledon, French Open US Open
  • C. Wimbledon, French Open Paegas Czech Open, US Open
  • D. Davis Cup, Wimbledon, French Open
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5. Which name was announced for Rio Olympic Games mascot by Rio organising committee?
6. Which of the following country won Sultan Azlan Shah Cup men's hockey tournament 2015?
7. What is the name of autobiography of Indian Hockey wizard Dhyan Chand?
8. India won the last Hockey Olympic Gold in
9. FIFA an organisation associated with football is abbreviated as
  • A. Football International Federation Association
  • B. Federation International De Football Association
  • C. Federation of International Football Association
  • D. None of the above
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10. Weight of a cricket ball is

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