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1. ANZUS is a Pacific pact between
  • A. Africa,New Zealand and US
  • B. Australia, New Zealand and US
  • C. Australia, Neitherlands and US
  • D. Austria, New Zealand and US
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2. In which period were the Crusades conducted by European Christians for liberation of Jerusalem from Seljuk Turks?
3. The European Union (EU) has officially forward which targets for December, 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on climate Change (UNFCCC) Paris Conference?
4. What is 'NIKKEI'?
  • A. Share Price Index of Tokyo Share Market
  • B. Name of Japanese Central Bank
  • C. Japanese name of country's Planning Commission
  • D. Foreign Exchange Market of Japan
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5. Denitrification in sewage treatment systems requires
  • A. the bubbling of oxygen into waste sewage
  • B. the addition of water to waste sewage
  • C. an anaerobic environment
  • D. an aerobic environment
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6. Shahgarh area in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan was in news in the year 2006 bacause of which one of the following?
  • A. Finding high quality gas reserves
  • B. Finding uranium deposits
  • C. Finding zinc deposits
  • D. Installation of wind power units
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7. Which one of the following ethnic groups does not belong to Mongoloids?
8. In which ocean is the Cromwell current found?
9. India's most prominent biologist and an evolutionary ecologist, Kamal Bawa, has been elected to the London based prestigious Royal Society in recognition of his pioneering contributions in which area?
10. Which one of the following separates North and South Islands of New Zealand?

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