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General Knowledge on Others

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1. The Union Cabinet has approved how much percentage of Central Road Fund (CRF) for development and maintenance of National Waterways (NWs)?  
2. An upfold in rocks is?
3. Contour bunding is a method of soil conservation used in
  • A. scrublands, liable to spread to weed growth
  • B. desert margin, liable to strong wing action
  • C. low flat plains,close to stream courses, liable to flooding
  • D. None of the above
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4. With reference to indian Defence. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
  • A. With the induction of Prithvi II, the IAF is the only air force in the world with surface to surface ballistic missile under i
  • B. Sukhoi 30 MKI jet fighters can launch air-air and air to surface precision missile
  • C. Trishul is supersonic surface to air missile with a range of 30 km
  • D. The indigenously built INS Prabal can launch surface to surface missiles
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5. Broadly PPP implies how much money would be needed to purchase the same basket of goods and services in to different countries and uses that to calculate an implicit foreign exchanges rate. PPP stands for
  • A. Purchasing Power Pyramid
  • B. Purchasing Power Parity
  • C. Power of Purchasing Parity
  • D. Per Product Parity
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6. Identify the regional grouping, in which India is not associated as a full member?
7. The Union Cabinet gave its nod for revising the existing DTAA with South Korea. What is DTAA?
  • A. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  • B. Double Tenure Avoidance Agreement
  • C. Dual Tenure Avoidance Agreement
  • D. Double Taxation Avoidance Authority
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8. BIRAC Ace Fund has launched in India to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs in which sector?
9. Where are Mulberry trees grown mainly for silk production in China?
10. The objective of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, was/were
  • A. to overthrow the British rule from India through an organised and armed revolution
  • B. to establish a federal Republic of the United States of India
  • C. to abolish all systems of exploitation and to establish a socialist State in India
  • D. All of the above
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