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General Knowledge on Indian Politics

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1. Which one of the following taxes is levied by the union and collected and appropriated by the states?
2. One feature distinguishing the Rajya Sabha from the Vidhan Parishad is?
3. What is the position of a 'Minister of State' in the Central Government?
  • A. He looks after the interests of the state cabinet
  • B. He is a Minister of Central Government, but not a Member of the Cabinet
  • C. He is the nominee of the state Governor
  • D. He is the nominee of the state Cabinets
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4. Article 340 of the Constitution of India provides for the appointment of a commission to investigate the conditions for the improvement of?
  • A. Socially and Economically Backward Classes
  • B. Educationally and Economically Backward Classes
  • C. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
  • D. Socially and Educationally Backward Classes
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5. Which movement started after the Partition of Bengal?
6. In the case of a conflict between the centre and a state in respect of a subject included in the concurrent list?
  • A. The matter is resolved by the Supreme Court
  • B. The law which had been passed first would prevail
  • C. The State Law prevails
  • D. The Union Law prevails
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7. The office of Lokpal and Lokayukta in India is based on which one of the following?
  • A. Procurator General of Russia
  • B. Council of State in France
  • C. Parliamentary Commissioner of UK
  • D. Ombudsman of Scandinavia
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8. To obtain full benefits of demographic dividend, what should India do?
  • A. Privatisation of higher education
  • B. Reducing infant mortality rate
  • C. Promoting skill development
  • D. Introducing more social security schemes
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9. Who among the following was not a member of the Constituent Assembly?
10. After the general elections, the Protem speaker is?
  • A. The seniormost member of the Lok Sabha
  • B. Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • C. Elected by the Lok Sabha
  • D. Appointed by the President of India
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