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Indian Geography

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1. Minerals in Rajasthan like gypsum, rock-phosphate and pyrites are essential for the manufacturing of
2. Which woody raw material is used for making of paper pulp?
3. Port Blair the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands,is located in which one of the following islands?
4. The Gandhi Sagar reservoir is of the river
5. Which one of the following is included in the world list of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO?
6. Where is the Central Water and Power Research Station located?
7. Mekong Ganga Co-operation Project is
  • A. an irrigation project involving India And Myanmar
  • B. a joint tourism initiative of some Asian countries
  • C. a hydroelectric power project involving India, Bangladesh and Myanmar
  • D. a defence and security agreement of India with its Eastern neighbours
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8. In which of the regions of India do you find tropical rain forest?
9. The January isotherm taken as a basis for dividing India into tropical and subtropical zones is
10. In which part of India Dandakaranya is situated

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