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Indian Economy

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1. Which of the following is closest to india's current GDP (2012-13)?
2. Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), launched in 1975 in India, is a scheme implemented by
  • A. the Ministry of Education
  • B. the Ministry of HRD
  • C. the Ministry of Finance
  • D. the Ministry of Woman and Child Welfare
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3. One of the problems in calculating the national income in India correctly is
4. A deflator is a technique of
  • A. accounting for decline of GNP
  • B. accounting for higher increase of GNP
  • C. adjusting for changes in commodity
  • D. adjusting for changes in price level
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5. The 1956, Industrial Policy objective did not include
  • A. accelerating rate of growth and industrialisation
  • B. developing machine making industries
  • C. expanding the public sector
  • D. making the country self-reliant in the production of defence goods
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6. Global capital flows to developing countries increased significantly during the nineties. In view of the East Asian financial crisis and Latin American experience, which type of inflow is good for the host country?
  • A. Commercial Loans
  • B. Foreign Direct Investment
  • C. Foreign Portfolio Investment
  • D. External Commercial Borrowings
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7. The importance of agriculture in Indian economy is indicated by its contribution to which of the following ?
  • A. National income and employment
  • B. Industrial development and international trade
  • C. Supply of foodgrains
  • D. All of the above
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8. Why has the share of agriculture in the national output declined from 57% (1959-51) to less than 20% today? Because
  • A. the gross cropped area has decreased as a result of urbanization
  • B. the share of other sectors has increased reducing the weightage for agriculture
  • C. there has been a decline in productivity in agriculture
  • D. liberalisation has led to large scale import of agricultural products
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9. Fresh evaluation of every item of expenditure from the very beginning of each financial year is called
10. The Indian budget includes
  • A. actual figures of the precending years
  • B. revised estimates for the current year
  • C. budget estimates for the following year
  • D. All of the above
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