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General Knowledge on Indian Economy

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1. What is the India’s GDP growth forecast for FY 18, according to Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s latest report “Asian Development Outlook 2017”?  
2. India is regarded as a country with 'Demographic Dividend' Due to?
  • A. Its high population in the age group of above 65 years
  • B. Its high total population
  • C. Its high population in the age group below 15 years
  • D. Its high population in the age group of 15-64 years
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3. An advalorem duty is a tax on the basis of?
  • A. The Advertisement expenditure
  • B. The unit of the commodity
  • C. The price of a commodity
  • D. The value added
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4. The states in India can borrow from the Market?
  • A. Only with the consent of the centre
  • B. Under no Circumstances
  • C. At their Discretion
  • D. Only through the centre
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5. With reference to a cheque, which of the following is the 'Drawee Bank'?
  • A. The Endorsee's Bank
  • B. The Bank upon which the cheque is drawn
  • C. The Bank that collects the cheque
  • D. The Payee's Bank
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6. What does Venture Capital means?
  • A. Funds provided to Industries at times of incurring losses
  • B. Funds provided for replacement and renovation of Industries
  • C. A short-term capital provide to Industries
  • D. A long-term start-up capital provided to new enterprenuers
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7. In the Government of India, under which Ministry is the National River Conservation Directorate?
  • A. Ministry of Environment and Forests
  • B. Ministry of Water Resources
  • C. Ministry of Agriculture
  • D. Ministry of Earth Sciences
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8. Agriculture Income Tax is assigned to the State Government by?
  • A. The Finance Commission
  • B. The Inter-State Council
  • C. The Constitution of India
  • D. The National Development Council
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9. In India deficit financing is used for raising resources for?
  • A. Adjusting the balance of payment
  • B. Reducing the foreign dept
  • C. Economic Development
  • D. Redemption of public dept
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10. To obtain full benefits of Demographic dividend, what should India do?
  • A. Privatisation of Higher Education
  • B. Reducing infant mortality rate
  • C. Promoting Skill Development
  • D. Introducing more social security Schemes
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